Saturday, January 31, 2009


well it's 100 officially! Will there be 200 ...300? Hopefully, I know there will be tons of things to post...but I just want to make it t0 101 =) I just found out I will be back to teaching first grade next a brand new school. with the exception of the school I was at for the first 6 weeks of this school year, the schools I have been teaching at have quite the years pass by. So now to be at a spankin new school with all the updates & newest features sounds quite nice. Then along with that will be countless meetings to "set up" & I am sure things will not be totally completed for when school starts. Interesting no less.

I have some fave posts, click away if you are bored...
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gotta post photos from over the past 100..
2 & 2 mths

this one always makes me laugh~

Dude, where's my car?

thanks to Jessica
The rules are: I have to list 5 addictions & then pass the award on to 5 other fabulous blogs.

1. Peanut butter & chocolate
2. Buying girlie things for Avery
3. Taking photos
4. DVR- to watch my shows
5. my huzbin
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..I can't count =)

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a wish to Mr. Groundhog for Monday~


pretty please!


Anonymous said...

Hé ! Happy 100 ! Thank for your links in case we get bored (it makes me laugh :) Congratulations on your prize and félicitations to the giveaway winner ! and Happy new school too ! a lots of things to celebrate :) Very lovely photos of cute children :) Have a great weekend :) x

Stephanie said...

Yeah!! 100!!! WHOHOOOOO!!! Loved looking at your blog, can't wait to see the next 100! :D

Jessica said...

Hurray to 100 posts! And thanks so much for the award!

Prue said...

Love the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog - I've no idea how you came by it!

Chelsea said...

Awesome! Can you imagine another 100?! I guess if you're my mother in law (who never misses posting a new one a day...sometimes even twice a day) it would be in just a couple months! ;) haha!
That's great you'll be teaching again next year. I hope the best for you!
Thanks for the little blog award!!! you're too nice!

nathalie bearden said...

great job on the photos kellie!!!!! you kids are looking prettier by the day!!! good job!