Thursday, January 8, 2009


on vacation avery & I played outside on one of her fave outside toys~ the slide. {which was like the best deal ever,,,$5 at the kidsignments sale}

Avery starts out with her Barbie & magic wand in hand {essential sliding accessories}


then she works a little magic


& abracadabra...

Photobucketdown the slide barbie goes

the only way after Barbie is..

now off to do it..again & again... & again



Stephanie said...

That's the best magic. :D Oh, cute shoes, too! :D

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, cute little fairy, skirt, socks, shoes ! But tell me where do you live ? Did you take those photos last summer ? Because we are freezing here

Chelsea said...

Precious moments! LOVE finding toys for $5....that is the best!
i love that last says it all! dido on the cute shoes!

nathalie bearden said...

how sweet!!!!! loving the shoes!!! hey guess are the winner my friend. looks like you will have another little friend headed your way!!!!!!!!

Amy said...

darling photos;) Thanks for the comment and we are delighted to have you hanging out with us;) can't wait to see what & your little girl do with a camera someday:)