Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had so much fun last weekend with Sean & Summer at the Widepread Panic show.hooray they played it & blight! Wish this too. It was quite chilly Saturday and I was sad to put on socks~ but it was worth it. Summer had chicken to keep warm. We always run into our other friends from college, it's good to catch up. Then we stayed over my parents and my brother Ryan & Ashley came over Sunday.
oH how they GrOw..

Here are my 2 babes October 07
Saturday we went pumpkining!!! Here are all my babes this year at the pumpkin patch....

Will we get this big fat ol pumpkin...or this pumpkin?
hmm.. We'll get an orange one for sure!
Next, we went to lunch..Bryce's pick. The lovely Burger King. the Tendergrill chicken sandwich was pretty good though.
Then off to Bryce's soccer game where we cheered for the green washing machines. Go!
....and also read some books.

such a nice day to open the windows and let the breeze in. {even if the windowsills haven't been cleaned since last Fall}
Then, watched Georgia beat LSU. Couldn't keep up with the beer bottles in the grass. SEVEN!

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Kathleen @ Grosgrain is up to more good......check out her stuff if you haven't already. She is giving away reversible skirts & tops to match. Super cute fabrics and pockets... to hold goodies to feed the ducks with she says.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


yea!!! I had my Matilda Jane trunk show this past weekend. Avery {& Bryce too!} got some cute wares. I wished there was more for adults though....well actually maybe I don't ;) I am glad my friends took the time to come....always fun to have girl talk & eat!! Tiff & I got a chance to go off and see a movie afterwards. hooray!! Then to celebrate Austin's 3rd birthday at INK. Was glad to have Columbus day as a much needed workday, even if it is in honor of such a mess of a man. rice krispie balls...look odd, but oh so yummy.
It's not Halloween without candy corn! I personally don't like it, but it's fun to look at. So grab yourself a handful. Bryce likes it, so he can eat the leftovers.
The best pumpkin candle from The White Barn (Bath & Body works)..still burning years later. Can you smell it?
I love love the smell of cinnamon, so the Yankee Candle company is still my all time favorite place to shop for candles. They usually have the best gift sets for Christmas presents. Paul cannot stand to walk by, let alone walk into the store. He complains of headaches....anyway back to Halloween.
Here is Bryce on his first Halloween, as a giraffe boy of course!..with Walter
This was always my fav Roseanne Halloween episode. I can't believe it's almost 20 years ago..

For some great places to visit, check out a fanciful twist for Vanessa's party & her links {thanks Nathalie}. Now to find some orange & black boots....


"The Dubers"

Finally getting around to posting the trip up to Columbus Ohio. The looong drive was beautiful {well except for the flat rows upon rows of cornfields in OH..sorry} Leaves were starting to change and the hills and valleys in N. Tennessee & Kentucky made it enjoyable. Also, the way the road cut through the mountains & exposed the layers of rock was crazy. I love road trips with Paul & all the time we have to talk & eat junk food!
A hightlight was Elvis in TN working at a gas station sporting a tee with the statement-> Bigger is Better. Oh & the touristy fireworks store with random statues/carnival items outside such as this ferocious lion..

& later at the hotel Earl with Minnesota's beaver...what is it again???

That night the 4 of us met up with the wedding party in the Short North {had to learn the area}

In case we needed to call a cab again, I opted to take a quick photo of the phone know if case we forgot it.
We had a grand time partying {in my ten dollar dress} with Sarah & Michael the newlyweds and our friends Denni & Earl, Ellie & Trevor, Kate, & Holly. I miss them so!!! My feet hurt sooo bad after all the dancing that Denni & I had to take our heels off as we crossed the road from the Statehouse to our hotel. Such beautiful grocery store feet we had. I don't think my feet hurt that bad since Music Midtown in '99. Surely not as bad as the man that ran a half marathon barefoot in the snow. So I guess I survived alright =) ,,,don't know why I didn't take off my heels..

oh the dress I originally bought to wear will be saved for our prom. If we ever move!

I am glad we had the chance to go...and thanks to the grandmas for babysitting the kiddos. Hope M & S are getting some good photographs on their safari!

ain't love grand?

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!

Shenandoah Costume GIVEAWAY !!!!!!!
How great is this costume? Grosgrain of course! Click on her link to enter. There is such great detail and I know I would have fun wearing it. Now what will the weather be like this Halloween? We are lucky here that we don't always have to wear coats over our costumes trick-or-treating. Already started buying candy...and eating it too!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

food on a boat

no, no boat trip...just Bryce's kids meal arriving on a boat

from our recent dinner at a local Thai/Japanese restaurant. yum-e.! Who doesn't love fried rice.... & ginger dressing? Not Avery that night {the rice part} More for me =)

Happy half birthday {almost} to my baby brother Ryan. I haven't seen you in forever!

He has been working mucho...good boy, but I wish he would take some time off & come and see us!!! If you bring pizza, I'll get the ice cream cake again.
Happy Birthday to Denni in 6 days & Austin in 8!!!!!!! post {hopefully soon} on Sarah & Michael's wedding. We had a real good time and I think my feet are finally back to normal.