Sunday, November 22, 2009

whistle while you work

I do not like not having extra free time to blog hop and search the web for Christmas ideas...but if good things {& some not so fun} are keeping me super busy that I guess that is fine with me. Spending time with the family on a drive to the North Georgia mountains counts too....


I have had the wonderful opportunity lately to take photographs and I have started a photography blog...with the hopes of one day having my own site. There are still things to learn, but that only comes with practice right, which I do each time I pick up my camera. I just read in an article yesterday~do what you love doing and would do for free and then get good at it so you could get paid for doing it. {something along those lines} I just totally enjoy shooting with my camera and editing photos...I aspire to get good at it.

....Thanksgiving this week?!?! Ready or not the holidays are here.