Sunday, December 30, 2007

An excuse to shop...

(I have wondered about that bicycle. Is it from the shop or did someone ride it?-ha! I should have asked.)

I love the after-Holiday sales, but I never save up enough $ after Christmas every year to indulge in them. I do have my eyes on a few things...I'll share with you some of my fav kid brands that have sales going on-as you may be in the shopping mood(still).
~Olive Juice has their winter and past summer items on sale. Lost of goodies and all the boys(most girl clothing too)shirts and vests are under $20. Love this boys shirt! Bryce got the stripey sweater and a dress for Avery too.
~Darling shoes from Puddle Jumpers. I first saw them at Tigerlily Kids in Athens, but haven't bought them until now. Her foot is like in between sizes now...I am buying these fantastic red maryjanes for $18.
~Tea clothing has their semi-annual sale going on.(I only buy from them on sale ;) Their daily tea collection is so soft! I want this dress, but probably will have to pass.
~boy, Target has so many ornaments looks like they are just starting the holiday season. Lots of clothes 50% off. Bryce got to use his gift cards from his wonderful aunties and bought GI Joe sets on sale. They have the same character figures from the 80's! He still has money to spend from his generous great-grandparents too!
~and you gotta love Gap pants! Especially when they are on sale!
~who else is having a great sale??? I must not look.
happy shopping!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Walk this way...

Guess who's walking!

Avery has been taking some steps for the past two weeks or so, but now she is rockin'! She kinda looks like a little penguin when she is walking. She tries to run too and it is hilarious!! We even got to play outside some and I was happy because we did not have to bundle up- hooray! Now it's been raining-good for Georgia, not good for outside adventures. I need to start putting away christmas anyway and toys that had taken over the family room....our whole house is becoming the playroom.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Came and went

Oh, Christmas is over can't believe it! Having my & Paul's family over for Christmas as always was fun and went by too fast. Everyone has spoiled us..even Dinah our doggie. Much yummy food to eat. The kids had fun opeing presents and mot knowing what to do with themselves. One thing(just one?)I did not get to was--> not getting to bake this new cookie recipe...all I need to say is the main ingredients included brownies, peanut butter, rice krispies & marshmallows...and now I will have to put it off until April! I am determined to go on a diet until my birthday(with a quick hiatus on Heart day). Yeah we'll see!

Here we are at my father-in-laws on Christmas Eve...what is that in her mouth you ask?
A football.

Now at an attempt to get both my darlings in a photo. Oh, look how much they love their mommy! ha...and this was the best photo! Not even one of the four of us either.

Merry Christmas!!! Avery was not in the best of moods. Too much attention? Too many presents? too many photos? Not enough of Grandma's bread? No new shoes?
Yes, I am sad Santa did not bring me Health Ledger too.

Though finally today I feel like my vacation has started. whew! It was even a nice day outside. Bryce asked if it was winter the other day and when I said yes, he said it's gonna snow now! I wish we'd get a snow day...Bryce hasn't been in any actual snow since 2004! & I am not counting the snow at Stone Mountain Christmas last year! Maybe, just maybe!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


ahhhh! I still have yet to finish my shopping! Well, this weekend hopefully....on the plus side I have been getting awesome deals on gifts with 50% off sales.

We went to see Santa and Avery was not having it. I need to post the photo- so funny. She is screaming and Bryce looks unaffected as my friend Pamela put it. Bryce asked for a Lego pitstop thingee that is like for ages 7+. Paul is oh so excited about the 500+ pieces. I am excited about the perfect fit for avery's mouth. Did we try to talk him out of it...oh no, we went and bought it from Santa.
Hope you are finishing up last minute to-dos!

must say....Welcome to the world Ava!!!

tree update: not too good, but still looks nice!

I forgot about posting this pic~ it cracks me up with the bows she put on her sippy. btw, the unwrapping is from my friends' kids and mine annual Christmas exchange. They gave us the best gifts!
why does the preview look better than the actual post?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

where are you? We went to 3 tree farms the first weekend in December and we could not find one tree that was our type !! We really wanted a as the sun went to sleep, we headed to Home Depot for our tree. Bryce was excited to decorate. I love the ornaments that I used to have on my tree growing up. My mom now has a tree that rivals any Festival of Trees tree, so a few years ago I had taken all my favs. Here is one that my parents had when they were newlyweds. Somehow Avery has let the tree be, so everything is still how long will the needles last?
There is so much to do around town! This year was Avery's first for riding the pink pig..still Rich's Pink Pig(sorry Macy's). Last weekend we had fun at Stone Mountain's Holiday lights extravaganza. yum kettle corn! It was another mild night...I love it!

Somehow this picture ended up down here at the bottom, oh well. Avery is looking for daddy not trees =)
What fun for this weekend????? can't wait...