Sunday, December 30, 2007

An excuse to shop...

(I have wondered about that bicycle. Is it from the shop or did someone ride it?-ha! I should have asked.)

I love the after-Holiday sales, but I never save up enough $ after Christmas every year to indulge in them. I do have my eyes on a few things...I'll share with you some of my fav kid brands that have sales going on-as you may be in the shopping mood(still).
~Olive Juice has their winter and past summer items on sale. Lost of goodies and all the boys(most girl clothing too)shirts and vests are under $20. Love this boys shirt! Bryce got the stripey sweater and a dress for Avery too.
~Darling shoes from Puddle Jumpers. I first saw them at Tigerlily Kids in Athens, but haven't bought them until now. Her foot is like in between sizes now...I am buying these fantastic red maryjanes for $18.
~Tea clothing has their semi-annual sale going on.(I only buy from them on sale ;) Their daily tea collection is so soft! I want this dress, but probably will have to pass.
~boy, Target has so many ornaments looks like they are just starting the holiday season. Lots of clothes 50% off. Bryce got to use his gift cards from his wonderful aunties and bought GI Joe sets on sale. They have the same character figures from the 80's! He still has money to spend from his generous great-grandparents too!
~and you gotta love Gap pants! Especially when they are on sale!
~who else is having a great sale??? I must not look.
happy shopping!