Monday, April 27, 2009

more eggs

there are just not enough hours in the day. so busy, so lazy, so much to do to end the school year. Only 18 more days!
Here are some photos from Easter weekend. We were able to spend time with Paul's family at Granny & Popper's and then to my parents'.

Granny decorated so fun and had a egg hunt for all the kiddos.

they brought home so many eggs & candy....all Avery wanted to eat was candy for the next days, so I had to hide it all. Then it was outta sight outta mind

Connor baskethead!
Easter Sunday looking for more eggs....

my mom, me, & my baby brother days from a year older

Saturday, April 18, 2009

birthday plans

I had been looking at old photos to send to my cousins who are planning a slideshow of sorts for my Grandpa's 90th birthday extravaganza in June. I have enjoyed seeing the old photos from my parents and my stash. When I was digging in boxes for more photos to upload from college onto facebook I found my Martha Stewart Baby & Kids magazines from 2002 & some. That is how I got to thinking about ideas for Avery's Third birthday, which is not until the end of August. I am sure it's not any way related to my birthday the end of this month. =) I have always loved butterflies, so since I have already done a cherry party, I guess I will do a butterfly/summery/floral thing. I suppose this is the last party before she requests princesses...which will be fun too though...maybe I can persuade away from the whole Disney princesses theme. These are fun ideas...dress up party, dolls. This is from Parents. Does anyone miss Child magazine? Loved their fashion spreads. Now back to this year's. I think these butterfly & flower cupcakes are darn cute...

Can you guess which is Martha's? This was for Bryce's first birthday party oh so long ago. I cannot believe he has only one month (& three days) left of kindergarten!! I bought a size 2 shoe for him today!! & boy are those sketchers ugly. I tried to talk him into some black Vans, but he was so not into the laces. He may never learn to tie his shoes!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I got to visit Ellie and her girls.. the cutest twin girls evah.

Addison & Hadley

Pitt Pair

Addison & Hadley were so sweet and so good..their mommy has taught them well already! I wish I lived it is with most of my friends, everywhere is a drive and if you factor in Atlanta traffic it can get downright nuts!
These precious girls loved to be near each other. They are already showing their preferences for Auburn and Ga Tech (Hadley spit out the pacifier!) ha!

Part of their nursery..
Pitt Pair

...they are sleeping together in one crib, but we put them in their respective cribs for the photo=)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lil'er bunny

Paul put this up as our wallpaper....Avery @ almost 8 months. Miss those chub baby rolls!

I had to get rid of this box setting in my pantry from Ellie...
so I had an idea which I saw on here, via this blog...
chockylit had made Walnut cupcakes with rose white chocolate mousse topped with baklava, but I thought chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting topped with baklava discs would be as good. I hadn't made baklava in forevah.

So I made baklava discs...baklava discs
then baked the cupcakes the next day and frosted with the peanut butter goodness..

PB frosting

and topped with the baklava

they were so yummy and messy =) I think the discs should be bigger, but that is the size cutter I used. Here is Ina Garten's have to try the PB frosting!

diggin' inAvery diggin' in..minus the baklava which she declared eww! I have a matching apron from Avery's birthday thanks to Missy!!

Spring break has been chilly...hope the weekend is warmer for Easter!

Saturday, April 4, 2009


spring break is finally here! Now that there is a chance of snow flurries Tuesday =( But I am glad to be off work. I get to go over my parents and catch up with friends..& hopefully organize the toy chaos.

Here are some eggs my class collected. I let the kids keep there favs & then took turns with the rest. With twelve classes there was a whole lotta eggs to be hunted....which took all of two minutes! looking forward to two more egg hunts next weekend!! We forgot to die eggs last year!...hopefully we will get to this year. Every year my parents helped my brother & I make the best swirly tie-dyed Easter eggs. Later on I would take a bite or two...but never! the yolk. My mom would eat them so they wouldn't go to waste.

I am ready to break out my spring/summer clothing and the kids' too!
...I had a Boden coupon & their free shipping 15% off stuff ,,so I bought these two shirts for a total of $27. I am a sucker for sewn appliquesI like this too, but I am not paying $39 for it... Now this is from Mini Boden too...for the girls. How great are these outfits? hey I would wear that blue tank & yellow skirt and rock the sunglasses with the eight year olds =)