Thursday, June 26, 2008

Gaze upon Grosgrain

Who doesn't like fabulous clothing? This dress was made by Kathleen as featured in her blog Grosgrain. Take a look at her blog post & link yourself into a giveaway of one of Kathleen's wonderful creations: {see posts below....}
I had to of course since I adore cute frocks and cannot sew them myself. Avery requires it {right?}

oh can't believe it's the end of June. What is going on??

here is the link to the giveaway...
Grosgrain: Strawberry Quart Caplet with Simple Sailing Frock FIRST GIVEAWAY!!!!

now another one for a cute summer dress...
Roosters-N-Rickrack Pinafore GIVEAWAY!!!!

Another!!!!! This frock has the best bow ever. You must take a peek.
Ice Cream Social Frock Giveaway!!!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kokeshi Dolls

Bethany is hosting an online gallery of Kokeshi inspired dolls. There are so many interesting ones...go there and take a look. I created two dolls on wooden forms I purchased at Micheal's. I am not skilled at painting by any means, so I mostly used paper & ribbon for my first one and the lace at the bottom of Poppy's skirt. I love the name Poppy & when I suggested it to Paul as a name for Avery he said no...his daughter would not be called daddy. Oh well..Willow went out too. But I am oh so happy we both decided toname her Avery. I absolutely adore her soooo much =)

"Poppy" & "First"
Kokeshi dolls


Kokeshi dolls~ Poppy
The rosemary is about to attack!!

Kokeshi doll~ First*

Here is Bryce's version of a Kokeshi doll...the worker. I said what kind of worker. He replied with, you know like Bob the Builder. Got it! Can you see the yellow hair on his green hea and his belt?

Lost Soles

Last weekend at the river haus.....

PhotobucketPeople tubing down the river frequently lose shoes {don't wear flip-flops dumbarses!} So this house a couple houses down the river got creative and did this...don't you just love it?!
So, the four of us headed up to our friends' river haus last weekend to spend some time with our good friends Sean & Summer & their little girl Stella. Avery and Stella are too cute together... they're only 5 months apart. We all had a ball~ playing in the Chattahoochee {so low}, watching the Shriners who came to town in their small cars, & eating! Summer is such a awesome cook. I still need to cut back on my sweets. Still trying!

Here are the two bathing beautiesPhotobucket

the kids loved those river stones



my sweet Bryce! He has been such a big brother lately!

Across the street was this little fella, who Stella was not afraid of one bit. Avery on the other had was more cautious. She called her Ninah {Dinah our doggie} =)

Speaking our shoes...I found myself not wanting to clean up during naptime, so I went photographing my fav shoes. I wish I had some yummy designer shoes, but alas it's much more fun to make car payements, right? Here are some...

thanks to Denni =)

scuffed, but well loved

$9! no hydrangeas were hurt during the photoshoot.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Thirty one-derful

Happy Birthday honey!!!!!
Love you so!

What is better than chocolate cake and ice cream? Another piece the next day!

The days of summer are going by...along with Father's Day, anniversary, swim lessons, half-day camps. Hot summer days...much nicer nights out on the patio. umbrella lights!!
Prayers answered...My momma's surgery went very well and is home recovering.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

walking on sunshine


Our vacation went by fast...even the drive down to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach! {thank you PSP & DVDs!!!!!!} With few bathroom stops, dropping off Dinah, & our traditional stop at Guthrie's (next to a gas station & nothing else) we made it in about 7 hours I think. We have been going here since I was pregnant with Bryce. Paul & I have been to a few other beaches through the years, & we thought about going to a new place we have never been before..but we settled on Gulf Shores again. Sure glad we did =) The weather was beautiful the whole time & not too humid (for the south in the summer) I wasn't quite sure how avery would react to the beach or if she remembered it at all (last year she loved it), but she loooooved the water!!! She wanted to dive right in. =) Paul had to hold her up in the waves. Bryce played of course..oh we had such a fabulous time. I am thinking about next year already. especially the 16 scoop sundae that they didn't have yet in the restaurant! augh Not that my frozen custard or cheesecake on a stick that I ate in 3 three seconds wasn't good enough. i have been eating waay to much..must try to be better. What! Sonic has 99 cent shakes? {why no cent sign button??} Wendy's now has shakes I can eat with one hand? not that the Frosty's stopped me before. I think ice cream is what I would take to my proverbial deserted island. I will try harder.. a lil

I took so many photos, so many I love of are a few. I have nay of the four of us~ so hate to ask strangers to take our picture and how to use the camera..yada yada, I need a tripod..or Bryce to get taller


I saw this seersucker fabric last year in the kelly's kids catalog & was bummed that I did not get you can guess how happy I was when this spring I saw this dress @ Crazy 8. yippee


Lil' beach bum

...and a few more =)

ok I think that is enough =)

Friday, June 6, 2008

so happy together...

{yea, because they are eating chocolate chip cookies..but they are sharing!} My babes are enjoying being together more & more each day. But that also brings fights. Now that it's summer, I have time for some reading. Speaking of, I need to get a book on siblings...maybe that sibling rivalry one. Hmmm... Any suggestions?
You gotta love the
Mighty Acorn line by Denise of MJC. Bryce loves his track jacket...can't wait to see what is up her sleeves for the fall! I love Avery's skirt! it is my favorite skirt this season..I wish I had one!


We had a fabulous time at the beach! It is good to be back though, in a way. Just no waves crashing when I open the back door. =( I have tons of beach photos to post...I'll get them up.