Thursday, June 12, 2008

walking on sunshine


Our vacation went by fast...even the drive down to Gulf Shores/Orange Beach! {thank you PSP & DVDs!!!!!!} With few bathroom stops, dropping off Dinah, & our traditional stop at Guthrie's (next to a gas station & nothing else) we made it in about 7 hours I think. We have been going here since I was pregnant with Bryce. Paul & I have been to a few other beaches through the years, & we thought about going to a new place we have never been before..but we settled on Gulf Shores again. Sure glad we did =) The weather was beautiful the whole time & not too humid (for the south in the summer) I wasn't quite sure how avery would react to the beach or if she remembered it at all (last year she loved it), but she loooooved the water!!! She wanted to dive right in. =) Paul had to hold her up in the waves. Bryce played of course..oh we had such a fabulous time. I am thinking about next year already. especially the 16 scoop sundae that they didn't have yet in the restaurant! augh Not that my frozen custard or cheesecake on a stick that I ate in 3 three seconds wasn't good enough. i have been eating waay to much..must try to be better. What! Sonic has 99 cent shakes? {why no cent sign button??} Wendy's now has shakes I can eat with one hand? not that the Frosty's stopped me before. I think ice cream is what I would take to my proverbial deserted island. I will try harder.. a lil

I took so many photos, so many I love of are a few. I have nay of the four of us~ so hate to ask strangers to take our picture and how to use the camera..yada yada, I need a tripod..or Bryce to get taller


I saw this seersucker fabric last year in the kelly's kids catalog & was bummed that I did not get you can guess how happy I was when this spring I saw this dress @ Crazy 8. yippee


Lil' beach bum

...and a few more =)

ok I think that is enough =)


Caits said...

I love the pics of your kids holding hands by the water:)

Stephanie said...

Lovely shots. I can't believe how white and soft that sand looks. I love the I'm jealous. :D hee hee..

Mandy @ Belle and Boo said...

what beautiful photographs of your children, they are wearing exactly what I would draw for a beach side picture. The little swimming cosie is adorable.
bEACHES mmmmmmmm, if only London had one!!

Bethany said...

Your children are adorable! We just had some of the same experiences... especially too much ice cream! I miss Florida already. Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Jessica said...

I really want that hat Avery is wearing. I love love love that one.

I can't wait to take Charlotte to the beach in Sept. I am just keeping my fingers crossed that she doesn't totally hate the sand again.