Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lost Soles

Last weekend at the river haus.....

PhotobucketPeople tubing down the river frequently lose shoes {don't wear flip-flops dumbarses!} So this house a couple houses down the river got creative and did this...don't you just love it?!
So, the four of us headed up to our friends' river haus last weekend to spend some time with our good friends Sean & Summer & their little girl Stella. Avery and Stella are too cute together... they're only 5 months apart. We all had a ball~ playing in the Chattahoochee {so low}, watching the Shriners who came to town in their small cars, & eating! Summer is such a awesome cook. I still need to cut back on my sweets. Still trying!

Here are the two bathing beautiesPhotobucket

the kids loved those river stones



my sweet Bryce! He has been such a big brother lately!

Across the street was this little fella, who Stella was not afraid of one bit. Avery on the other had was more cautious. She called her Ninah {Dinah our doggie} =)

Speaking our shoes...I found myself not wanting to clean up during naptime, so I went photographing my fav shoes. I wish I had some yummy designer shoes, but alas it's much more fun to make car payements, right? Here are some...

thanks to Denni =)

scuffed, but well loved

$9! no hydrangeas were hurt during the photoshoot.


Stephanie said...

I love that house of shoes! :D (Or tree hammock of shoes...or ..fence of shoes. :D Whatever you want to call it..) What a fun idea! I could use that for all the lost socks in my house !:D

Grosgrain said...

Love the baby bloomers! Oh and the shoes....of course!

Bethany said...

Those photos of your children are so precious! Watch out with that horse love! My daughter fell in love with them early on and we ended up doing three years of riding and competition with her!! Your shoes are also very pretty... I'm feeling the need to shoe shop now!!

Jessica said...

I love all those shoes. Too bad I never wear anything with much of a heel- I miss out on so many cute shoes because I know I will never wear them. It is pretty much flats or
a medium wedge for me.

But MOST IMPORTANTLY Where did you get Avery's shoes????

Kellie H said...

I don't get to wear heels too often either!! they don't mesh well with going to the park..but do for nites out {what are those =)

Avery's purple shoes are from Babies-R-us... a few months ago.

Kim said...

I think my favorite pair of shoes are the honey-ish colored ones in the first photo. They look great with that navy skirt!