Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kokeshi Dolls

Bethany is hosting an online gallery of Kokeshi inspired dolls. There are so many interesting ones...go there and take a look. I created two dolls on wooden forms I purchased at Micheal's. I am not skilled at painting by any means, so I mostly used paper & ribbon for my first one and the lace at the bottom of Poppy's skirt. I love the name Poppy & when I suggested it to Paul as a name for Avery he said no...his daughter would not be called daddy. Oh well..Willow went out too. But I am oh so happy we both decided toname her Avery. I absolutely adore her soooo much =)

"Poppy" & "First"
Kokeshi dolls


Kokeshi dolls~ Poppy
The rosemary is about to attack!!

Kokeshi doll~ First*

Here is Bryce's version of a Kokeshi doll...the worker. I said what kind of worker. He replied with, you know like Bob the Builder. Got it! Can you see the yellow hair on his green hea and his belt?


jojo-caramel said...

They are so fresh and so cute ! :)

Bethany Hissong said...

I LOVED your Kokeshis!! I thought the paper and lace were so cool! I didn't even think of using that. I wish you had included Bryce's little doll because I think children's work is so great! (That's one reason I became an art teacher!). Thanks for mentioning the show on your blog too. I am so happy about all the great comments we've received! (BTW I love the name Poppy too!!!)