Friday, May 30, 2008

Blue eyes

It is offically summer for me!!!!!!!! I sadly have packed up nine years of stuff {that I never knew I had} and said goodbye to my school or rather see you later =) But seriously, it'll never be the same. Who is going to be my bestest neighbor...who'll be my mentor...who will come call for Romello?...who will replace the missing a...& who will sned notes to me with crazy lil drawings? Well, my new school promises wonderfulness, so we will see.

Here's to my blue eyed girl romping in the backyard. Avery cracked me up sliding down the slide with her tutu on.Photobucket


Blue eyed girl

I have to say...I know where the bestest tutus come from. The land of Kennedy & Friends Co. {Nathalie's blog is such fun too.} I am waiting for Avery's 2nd birthday to give her one. shhhh!! I am glad I have until then to decide on which one =)

We are off to the beach this weekend...hooray!!! Hope we have some decent weather.... & two good car riders


What the kids will be loaded with sunscreen bottles! Too bad they don't walk up to you & serve you drinks on the beach =)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

On this day graduate...

my little boy has graduated from pre-kindergarten. I simply cannot believe it!! He is growing up so fast and I relish the little kisses I still get from him. Just the other night he woke up and came into our room and asked to get into my bed. These times are few and far between and I usually tuck him back in his own bed, but since this milestone was looming I had to let him crawl in bed with Paul & I. Oh how this will not be the case someday when he is all grown up and feet hang off the bed =) Reminds me of the book I love you forever!! I still hear him say camote for remote, gator-egg for Gatorade, gril for girl...always be my baby!

Annalise & what is left of her first birthday cupcake...
More time two sweet granddaughters just turned one!! Annalise & Isabelle {who were born in the same week!} are both one. i am so lucky to be in their lifes. We got to celebrate with Annalise & her family at her party last weekend. Such fun!!! I would have loved to travel to Michigan to be with Isabelle...but I will be seeing my family this summer because my newest cousin Jaxson James was born!!!! hooray!!!!
& more babies ~ Betsy had her twin boys! River & Jude were born today! They are a little early, but are doing fine.

The four of us got to see our good friend Tiff's new place in Grant Park last weekend. It is so cute! I love her building & grounds...which is close to 100 years old. We went to eat at a fun place {dakota blue} that had chalk for the kids to draw with along the sidewalk tables. Inside there were books & about child-friendly. The best part though was the veggie chili cheese fries & chocolate pie! =) Next visit the zoo! I have to show the house-warming gift we gave her. I heart Target! Who doesn't..oh I don't want to meet that person. I just love the bumblebee salt & pepper shakers!! I knew these plate settings & tray would go good with her decor, so I had to grab them. Gosh we have been friends for years ~ since 7th grade. Renaissance always
& to close with some more great news~ I got a new job teaching second grade!!! hooray!!!! Never would have happened in the first place with out Missy! It makes leaving my school somewhat easier..knowing I am heading to a good place. It is a strange, but good, feeling.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


where's my car?

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

who took my lemonade?

Oh you silly girl!!
If we have it...Avery wants it. Try to make that work with veggies..but she won't fall for that =) We went at the Cotton Pickin' Arts & craft fair...haven't been in about 20 years. Kettle corn & homemade ice cream..mmmmm!
Three days left of school =) & {5 working with my dear friends =( }

Sunday, May 11, 2008


I am soooo very lucky to have my family. Without trying to sound like Hallmark...but they really are the light of my life and thinking of them makes me smile ~ gums & all. Really these three people who make so much laundry, who you can be extra silly around...super crazy... & they love you beyond all. They let you kiss them endlessly, say I love you during random moments & hug back tight. & sneak into your bedroom on Mother's Day to give you cards {even if it plays the Chicken Dance} and climb into the bed. On this Mother's Day I am reminded of how lucky I am to be a Mommy and wife. What a crazy wonderful thing motherhood is! {now please let me remember the next time the kids are screaming because they both want the crayon & we are all hungry} =)
Hope all you the mommies & mommies-to-be (like my friend Ellie... & Betsy and my cousin Shell with babies arriving anyday now) all had a fantastic, lazy day =)

One of my favorite photos from Sara Anthony...

if you live near her here. I cannot say enough how thrilled I am to finally have photos of the four of us!! I need to change up the photos in my house, so I can't wait to hang these up. I need to put together photo albums this summer...I am so behind. I add that to my list for this summer, which I know only half will ever get accomplished.

Eating, another love =)...I cannot get enough kettle corn the fairs, microwave, Stone Mountain & then my favorite comes packaged~ Popcorn, Indiana. Really there is a town named that and that is the name of the popcorn. It is very, very, veryyy yummy. It is melt in your mouth good. I found it at Bed, Bath, & Beyond of all places too! My family approves. oh nap over.. must end the food talk

Friday, May 2, 2008

What's Sprite's slogan?...

Bryce loves Sprite..he gets to have it when we go out to eat & such. He loves milk too, so that is good. We took these pics by the Grit in Athens. Can you say yummy?? I could not remember Sprite's slogan, so I had to google it & found this quiz online. I see less and less commericals today b/c of my DVR, but I still oddly enjoy the good ones. I do love previews at movies. I do!.....I am always thrilled when we get there in time to watch them. Anyway I missed one, but one I got right was a lucky guess.
How'd you do??

(sorry for the bad copy & paste)

Can you match the brands with the slogan? (Answers below)

1. Capital One
A. The Only Card You NeedB. Right Where You Want UsC. What's In Your Wallet?
2. Sprite
A. Obey Your ThirstB. Refreshment Every DayC. What's Your Pleasure?
3. Heineken
A.The Beer To Have When Your Having More Than OneB. It's All About The BeerC. As Good As It Gets
4. GE
A. Innovation Is Our PursuitB. We Bring Good Things To LifeC. Ideas Around The World
5. Taco Bell
A. Think Outside The BunB. You Just Can't Get EnoughC. Beans Go Good With Everything At TB
6. Gatorade
A. When Winning Is EverythingB. For The Athlete In YouC. Is It In You?
7. Chevrolet
A. You Dreamed It. Now Drive ItB. An American RevolutionC. America's Heartbeat
8. Budweiser
A. TrueB. Wassup Today?C. This Is Refreshment
9. Chrysler
A. Inspiration Comes StandardB. That Thing Got A Hemi?C. The American Classic
10. Staples
A. You Need What We've GotB. That Was EasyC. Working For You
11. Dr. Pepper
A. Be YouB. Be SeriousC. Are You a Pepper?
12. Sears
A. Your One Stop Family ShopB. Good Life. Great PriceC. Everything You Need. Always.

Correct Answers.
1. C, ; 2. A; 3 B; 4. B; 5. A; 6. C; 7. B; 8. A; 9. A; 10. B; 11. A; 12. B

Does it look like a beer bottle lol?!
Have a great weekend...I am so glad the week is over! Being on a jury for a murder case...ugh! Too stressful!