Saturday, January 31, 2009


well it's 100 officially! Will there be 200 ...300? Hopefully, I know there will be tons of things to post...but I just want to make it t0 101 =) I just found out I will be back to teaching first grade next a brand new school. with the exception of the school I was at for the first 6 weeks of this school year, the schools I have been teaching at have quite the years pass by. So now to be at a spankin new school with all the updates & newest features sounds quite nice. Then along with that will be countless meetings to "set up" & I am sure things will not be totally completed for when school starts. Interesting no less.

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gotta post photos from over the past 100..
2 & 2 mths

this one always makes me laugh~

Dude, where's my car?

thanks to Jessica
The rules are: I have to list 5 addictions & then pass the award on to 5 other fabulous blogs.

1. Peanut butter & chocolate
2. Buying girlie things for Avery
3. Taking photos
4. DVR- to watch my shows
5. my huzbin
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pretty please!

Monday, January 26, 2009

99...a giveaway!

it's my 99th post!!! so I decided to have a giveaway! I really never thought it would get to this many. so many things to celebrate this week~Bryce is six, the year of the Ox, 100 days of school last week, 100 posts {almost!}, Valentine's Day coming up,

here is Bryce for the
101{dalmations}st day of school...101 days of school

I made these ladybugs to put in the girlie goodie bags for Bryce's Transformer party...

so since I am into the Valentine love already, I decided to make this for my lil giveaway. A...
lovebug & a


If you would like these for you ...or for perhaps a sweet gal, just leave a comment by Friday January 30th at midnight and I shall post the winner this weekend. I'll ship long as I can contact you for your info.

Ahh the carnvial is going on here..giveaways galore!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

party like you're six

oh Bryce has left his older than a hand. wow,,really?! We celebrated at the Jump zone {indoor inflatable playland} with friends & family and then my parents came up Sunday and we celebrated again...then on his actual bday we will eat more cake! He was upset that his part was not on his real birthday and we had to explain why weekends work for parties better. ..then he was okay with it =) my Brycie .

I think everyone had much fun bouncing!
Ashley & Avery....

Bryce's sixth

Bryce's sixth playing air hockey with Logan

make a wish!

Bryce's sixth

Thursday, January 22, 2009


These peep toes from the 60's are available for sale from case you need to rent shoes and are on the Lower east side of Manhattan you can contact them for an appointment.,,you know just in case.

otherwise I think these are sweet..for a lil blue eyed gal
Tea collection still has winter sale items {here too}...& has their early spring collection
grabbed a dress & shirt for Bryce. Gotta have the matching fabrics while I can get away with it!!

Monday, January 19, 2009


I love how photographs are a way to capture a memory..or so to speak. & when I have the privilege to take the photos, I get to share in that memory with my friends and all means a great deal to me. Here are some faves...
this taken most recently...

ava 12mth 125
how darling is that look? She was a little under the weather, but you would have never known. She was so much fun to photograph...all one year old.

ava 12mth 068 look at those blue eyesava 12mth

ava 12mth

my precious Goddaughter this fall...


Annalise's Baptism growing too fast!

....with her brother who has the best manners I have ever seen! They are too sweet together for sure

....I love this one

my FIL's weddingD&J's Wedding

D&J's Wedding chapel

I have so much to learn about this is just so much fun. The next thing I want to play with is indoor lighting. Denni & I want to take a class from someone who knows what they are doing!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

pink x 2

Ellie's shower was oh so fun...after we got it all together we showered Ellie's twin girls-to-be with much pink & love. Sara, Sarah, Denni, Pam & I all shared in decorating and making yummy food {which was my lunch & dinner!} Happy that many friends were there. Shari won the prize right?.. Ellie & her girls received many lovely gifts....even Grandma & Aunt Katie got to be there!!

Denni ordered the petit fours from a local bakery which is quite yummy...Bethea cake would have been great, but not under the circumstances..

Diaper for each
Peanut M&M's of course....
now I just need a photo of the "ruined ice cream" that we all drank from in the punch bowl "glass" {send me the photo Denni =) }
thanks girls for throwing a great shower as always!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Blacks 08 346
I thought about posting a warm, beach photograph...but that would make me too sad. this one from the fall doesn't make me long for barefoot days outside sans coats,,ok enough
It is too cold here! I am so not a cold weather person and thank my parents for moving out to California before I was born. I feel for my fam up north....brrrrrrrrr!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


on vacation avery & I played outside on one of her fave outside toys~ the slide. {which was like the best deal ever,,,$5 at the kidsignments sale}

Avery starts out with her Barbie & magic wand in hand {essential sliding accessories}


then she works a little magic


& abracadabra...

Photobucketdown the slide barbie goes

the only way after Barbie is..

now off to do it..again & again... & again


Sunday, January 4, 2009



just few more months until soccer starts again for Bryce...but quite a few more before Avery can play. until then she plays her own games. I so wish I had played soccer. but dance was more my thing...I hope Avery will do both =) back to the real world with alarm clocks & schedules tomorrow. countdown until the next holiday!!

Friday, January 2, 2009

two thousand and nine

another new year to look forward to...many great things happened last year and I hope the trend continues. Also many things I hope are overcome this year for my my mom's cancer, the housing market, & job situations.
My grandfather {my mom's dad} turns 90 this March so a big shindig is planned for this's been a year and a half since we've been to Michigan and my cousins in Arizona haven't met Avery yet...cannot wait!!!
on another school is losing about 400 students to a new school, which I probably will have to transfer-again!- since I am the very last person on the list...which is ranked according to county senority not years of teaching experience....rightfully so. I just want to teach first or second grade...filling out paperwork and should know placement by the end of the month.

on NYE my parents came up & we went to the chinese restaurant we always go to on NYE....they fill the restaurant with tons of balloons!!Photobucket

What a difference a year makes... I just know many good things are to come.



{hats from last year & 2006}

...planning Ellie's shower for next weekend. hooray pink x 2!!!!