Friday, January 2, 2009

two thousand and nine

another new year to look forward to...many great things happened last year and I hope the trend continues. Also many things I hope are overcome this year for my my mom's cancer, the housing market, & job situations.
My grandfather {my mom's dad} turns 90 this March so a big shindig is planned for this's been a year and a half since we've been to Michigan and my cousins in Arizona haven't met Avery yet...cannot wait!!!
on another school is losing about 400 students to a new school, which I probably will have to transfer-again!- since I am the very last person on the list...which is ranked according to county senority not years of teaching experience....rightfully so. I just want to teach first or second grade...filling out paperwork and should know placement by the end of the month.

on NYE my parents came up & we went to the chinese restaurant we always go to on NYE....they fill the restaurant with tons of balloons!!Photobucket

What a difference a year makes... I just know many good things are to come.



{hats from last year & 2006}

...planning Ellie's shower for next weekend. hooray pink x 2!!!!


Stephanie said...

I love that first photo. It looks so timeless. :D What a way to start the new year, too. :D Hope it's a great one, can't wait to see what it has in store for you. :D

Anonymous said...

You are the WINNER of My Little Giveaway, please email me your address and I'll send it right out to you!

Happy New Year!

Bethany said...

I love the photo of you and your mom!! I want to give you a hug!!!! I do hope this year is great for you and for your family. I feel for you and your whole job situation. That's a lot of stress to move to a different position so often. I will say a special prayer tonight for you!!!! xoxo~ Bethany