Saturday, December 27, 2008

nothing says Christmas like high 60's degrees

Happy Birthday to my mom on the 21st!

We had a warm Christmas..with Bryce asking when is it going to snow every morning. Maybe someday we'll have a white Christmas..but I am happy with what we have. It was so great to celebrate with family and enjoy this miracle of Jesus' birth. I love this nativity set my parents passed down to me a few years ago. Some of the pieces belonged to my papa {my dad's father} and he gave it to my dad. My parents used it while I was growing up and I loved to help my mom set it up. Now I have the honor of setting it up in my house. I still laugh at how Bryce used to say baby cheez-its.

Right before Christmas we had the kids' annual Christmas party with Walter, Ava, & Addi. Here is Bryce & his BFF Walter posing for me...
Then up late trying to finish wrapping gifts & off to Julie & Paul's dad's house on Christmas Eve. Connor, Bryce, & Jacob unwrapping their presents. The boys play real good together... Avery liked the princess "cd player" she received.

Christmas Eve 08

Next down to my parents' for mass & then dinner afterward. Oh it was so yummy. Do try Chateau Ste. Michelle riesling if you have not yet...I fell in love earlier this year. The kids opened a few gifts & Uncle Ryan (& Guinness} and Avie played sleepy. She is a pro at it!
I love driving by this house in the neighborhood next to my parents....I wonder how much their electric bill is.

We put cookies & carrots out, sprinkled reindeer food on the grass..somehow I threw it in the to bed & then whoosh! finished Santa's presents & made spinach dip and finally off to let visions of sugarplums dance in our heads

Hooray!!!! Christmas mornin' the babes slept until 8:30 and then opened their goodies from Santa. Santa was sure good to me as he always is. Bryce was happy with his million Bakugan toys & video games.

Avery sporting her "pretties" from her stocking while on her new tricycle (pink & purple of course}...,
Christmas mornin'

my dad was happy with is own brew..

We love Christmas...& now it's gone already!

ahh it feels so good to be off school and sleeping in...& eating cookies in my pajamas all day. I have a feeling this week will go by too fast.


Shari H said...

Too fast I fear! Love the pics. Looks like everyone had a great time! Leah did have a great 1st Christmas...Trying to get the blog up to date so I can post those pics. Hopefully by the end of the week!

Brooke said...

Hi, stranger. I am back to the land of the blogging and tagged you in my latest post.

Stephanie said...

This week will go by fast, you're right about that. However, looks like you have some wonderful memories of it. :D

Bethany said...

Such a sweet post!!! (and I love that Riesling too!!). I'm a little sad this year because my kids are so big... Santa filled the stockings but they knew who Santa was!!! Have a Happy New Year!!!!!
xoxo Bethany

Anonymous said...

A lovely Post ! I like your photos !
Happy New Year to you and your family !!!! xoxo

Jessica said...

It looks like you had a wonderful holiday! We have one of those houses covered in lights near our house, too.