Tuesday, December 2, 2008

baby it's cold outside

Too cold for me outside! A few snow flurries swirled down Monday, but that's all.
So, I made semi-homemade chicken soup...Sandra Lee would be proud {maybe}.
I used~ Weyer's chicken soup starter to 10 cups water..and added a quartered onion, 2 bouillion cubes, & 1 lb. chicken breasts. Cook for only 45 minutes, shred the chicken and finally add separately boiled egg noodles at the end {in your bowl}.

Bryce said I want Shrek soup and Avery slurped it up...& a third of it went on the table..

...can't believe it's really December. Though we have been listening to the Elf soundtrack since October! We cut down our tree this weekend and still need to decorate...shop...clean...order Christmas cards. I need another one of these....


Jessica said...

I am all about semi-homemade soup...it's so yummy and super easy to make. In fact, I had some tonight!

Bethany said...

I LOVE the Elf cd!!!! That's got to be one of my favorites. And your soup looks so good. I've been in a soup mood lately!

Anonymous said...

Oh my :o) You're making my mouth water!!! That soup sounds sooooo good. I better go to bed before I start looking for food.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so incredibly cute. It looks like you have used your break time really well. You should start a photo biz on the side for extra cash. Your pics are fabulous. You might inspire me to start a blog with all your perfect comments and pictures. Yeah right...I'll add it to the list of incredible things that I'm going to do in all of my spare time.