Saturday, November 29, 2008

tat ewe!

I swear Bryce's first words were Thank you...more like tat ewe back then. Avery's are clearer now. iT's amazing how much more she can say now~ My favs are Hehwoah & Daddy's sillwee.

I am very thankful I could spend time with my family...though I miss all my family & Paul's. I am glad I had time to sleep in, to eat waaay to much food, & this year I wrote the recipes down so I will not forget! {It's hard when you only make stuffing once a year.} Someday I'll be able to do it all by memory & taste like my momma.
Hope everyone had a relaxing Thanksgiving!...or at least happy & tasty

Here are my little turkeys on Thanksgiving day...


Bryce with my daddyPhotobucket


Candice said...

I love your daughters dress, did you make it? My daughter (18months) says tant ewe for everthing, she also said that as her first word.

Tant Malin said...

Your daughter looks like a doll in that cute dress!

Thank you for commenting on the photo on my blog. The photo is taken just outside my door a morning in November. I was going to get the newspaper when it struck me how beautiful life is and that we mustn't forget to stop once in a while and reflect upon it.

Have a nice Sunday!


nathalie bearden said...

i think this is exactly what kennedy says...that ewe. now she also says no way. hahaha! your two are just tooo pretty!!! great job on them!!!! happy thanksgiving! loving the dress!

Stephanie said...

Look at these little ones. So fun, isn't it. Looks like a fun day over at your place. Love it that your sons first words were "Thank you." I think all my kids said, "FEED ME YOU SLOWPOKE" first....yeah, that sounds about right. :D

Anonymous said...

Oh, your daughter is so sweet in her beautiful little dress ! How lovely ! Is'nt it cold outside where you live ? Lucky you ! I hope you have had a wonderful Thanksgiving :)

Bethany said...

Again, your kids are just the most adorable children!! That dress is way too cute! You could dress them as angels and I'd believe it!