Saturday, November 15, 2008


2 & 2 mthsavery 2 & 2mths
366? cannot believe it's been a year since I started to blog away. I always kept a journal in elementary school about how I loved Ricky Schroeder and what I played with my best friends. In eigth grade I wrote every single day! I revisited it a few months ago and boy are some entries boring!! Ha things don't change much =) I love how I have a journal of the last year with photos and moments I might have otherwise forgotten had I not made a post about it. I love reading about my family & how much they have grown over the past year. When I started last November~ Avery was not walking and Bryce had all his teeth =) My goddaughters were just 6 months old...friends' babies were not even born yet..I was still working with my friends!!!

Also this is another mode I can keep in touch with friends with! ...& with the world at our fingertips I can read others' blogs & in turn have met such awesome people. I have picked up so many creative ideas that I want to create {& wish I had more time to} & links to things to purchase! Sometimes it's quite addicting to hop around ... I click and click and get lost on someone's site.
What will my babes accomplish this year? What grade will I be teaching next year? What will the girls x2 look like? Will we ever move? Will I learn to sew? What surprises does Paul have for me? Will I get to eat the peanut butter stuffed french toast at Highlands bakery?
I cannot wait to see what this year brings.

photo from my very first post....
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catching them lately...

oh how I love these 2!


Bethany said...

Wow... you're right! A lot changes in a year. You take the cutest photos of your children... but then, they are THE cutest children so I can see why! You sound like me... I have to laugh when I think of some of my blog friendships being closer than some friendships here. I think it's easier to connect with people who are a lot like myself when I have the whole world to meet!! And I'm so glad I can look back to see what's gone on too... it is like a diary of life. And no... you don't bore us at all. I love to hear what's happening in your part of the world! :) congrats on one year!!!!!

Stephanie said...

Isn't it amazing how quickly life goes by, and how things change right before our eyes? I agree with you on this. Time is flying! Can't wait to see what the next year brings for you either. :D

Chelsea said...

Your kids are adorable. I think I tell you that every time I leave a comment. That photo is AMAZING! You're a great photographer. You inspire me! :)

I hit my one year blog last month. I forgot to blog about it! I wonder what I'd do with all my free time if I didn't do this so much! I never would have met a good friend like you though!

Anonymous said...

Happy Blog'sDay to You !
Happy Blog'sDay to You !
Happy Blog'sDay to You ! Kellie !
Happy Blog'sDay to You !

Sweet photos of your lovely children ! Lovely blog ! I enjoy to come and read your posts and look at your lovely photos :)


Anonymous said...

Yea! Happy one year! I can't believe you've been doing this a year! I have GOT to start a blog for my little A and my friends/family as well! What will this next year bring.....
Love ya!

Anna Carin Ahlander said...

Hi! Your kids are so cute and you are a really good photografer. I really love the picture of the father and the girl from behind, it´s true love in that picture.
I´m a mothet myself to a 16 year old boy (times flyes)i can tell!! He was premature(two month)2475g pretty big and now he has the biggest feet ever!!! hihi 11½ my god!
Hope you have a grat day!
Love Anna from Sweden