Sunday, November 23, 2008

...but not as much as tomorrow

Paul & I have our wedding anniversary that we celebrate...of course. But I think of another date as an anniversary. {November 18th 1995} The first "date" Paul & I went on. We went with friends to Beth's brother's place to hang out and then back to Paul & Michael's dorm room. How many times to sneak in through the window...what would we have done if they weren't on the first floor?! The next day the two of us went out to eat at Burger whopper hopper that time. =) I didn't even order fries!! Seems like forever, I am happy to have been with my Paul for 13 years now....the bestest, most wonderful 13 of my life! I am glad he saw snow on the ground when he visited Piedmont and I am glad my friend Tiff & I went to visit Wendy. & I will always remember November 18th no matter how nuts Paul thinks I am. xoxo
So of course in my shoeboxes of stash I have the receipt... I keep way too much stuff! Call me a pack rat. I get it from my dad..although he is organized and very neat about it. Tickets, cards, tons of notes from 4th grade all the way through college, other random memorbilla....& of course photos. I purged some a while back when my parents gave me boxes from their attic. I have to keep my Barbies and Cabbage Patch kids for Avery, huh? I also have things stashed in my classroom.

Glad I have got to see so many girlfriends lately. miss them tons..wish we could get together more often! Can't wait for Ellie's shower for the girls!!

& speaking of friends...if you are not on facebook you must! I just gave in and I am so glad I finally did. There are so many people from my high school & college on Facebook that I have not seen in ages. I found my friend from Cali that I have not been in touch with for 21 years!!! My friend Leigh has been in Atlanta all this time and have not we are getting together. Plus I can keep in touch with friends that I don't get to see daily anymore. =)


nathalie bearden said...

congratulations on such an amazing story. you two are meant for one another. hope you have a wonderful many many more years together. many many hugs! and when i get back on facebook i will look for you!

Anonymous said...

KELLIE! You look just the same! I love it!

Chelsea said...

Oh you are funny! I keep notes too...not receipts though! :) Wow! 13 years! That is awesome!
I'm going to have to find you on facebook! I gave in too, after my brother told me I just had to! I'm not too good at it, and don't have the hang of it yet though.

Bethany said...

You have to "friend" me on facebook!!! I am just like you too... I keep receipts from favorite places and I celebrate my first date with Craig! I think that's just being sentimental and appreciating the special times in your life. It's fun to look back and remember little things like what you ordered on that date. I spilled a whole bag of popcorn at an Ohio State game! I felt like a fool but he thought it was funny!