Saturday, September 20, 2008

It's the end of the summer we know it

Well, I am now a kindergarten teacher. Soooooo glad I did not end up with fifth grade. Plus now I have a much shorter commute and a later start time....must have an in with the sleep gods. I have met the other teachers and my para and {everyone!} is super nice & helpful. I start my class on Wednesday. Anxious & excited & scared

Bryce is adjusting alright. His teacher is my team teacher, so I will see him at lunch & recess.

{Avery is playing in her Kennedy & Friends Co. tutu she received for her birthday...chocolate love indeed.}

Farewell summer

hello fall!!! Fun things to come!!! First up... wedding in Ohio!

Monday, September 15, 2008


The four of us & our friend's family of four took a trip to INK, a children's museum. I was very impressed with all they had to offer. ...

there was an old firetruck


a wonderbread airplane
(the whole plane too...well minus the right wing)
A 50s diner

Today's special...


A supermaket

everytime you hear that beep...
supermarket sweep

Anyone remember supermarket sweep?

A police car...
Breaker Breaker 1-1-9

a hair salon...

Michael as the stylist

wait! there's more!!...a vet clinic, doctor's office complete with x-rays, a bank, trainset, a stage, & a playset of course. whew!

We will be back!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

more retail therapy

Craziness is going on with school...our enrollment is down and I am about to be involuntary displaced. =( But I have a contract and a salary, so that is the main concern! so I have been shopping, shopping...for me! and for Avery & Bryce & friends kiddos' Christmas presents. One of the treats I rewarded myself with was this lovely tote from anthropologie.

I did need a new purse for the fall you know.

I did eat(for lunch) frozen yogurt from Yoforia finally. Yum-e! I got pomegrante with granola, milk chocolate chips & strawberries. Then that evening the four of us went to the lazer show and had cheese Krystals (no meat please). So a good long day filled with fun kept my mind off work.

& why are all these TCBY stores closing? Do they not care I have to travel far to get my peanut butter & white chocolate mousse fix?

This past weekend avery & I shopped for more christmas at one of our fav places Target{probably the last year I can shop where she won't remember} & bought these.... & shopped here too.

Can't wait to see my GNOC tomorrow!!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Avie's party

Well, even though I have not been blogging a go go lately....I have finally had time to post Avery's party. I was very pleased with the cherry cake from a local bakery...the cupackes I made are supposed to look like cherries...oh well they tasted good. oh the bakery supplied us with their homemade ho hos, petit fours, and a cupcake for the actual birthday celebration on the 26th! Bryce is still referring to that as the birthday party where no one was invited, just us! =)

Happy Second Birthday!!!!


Avery & her godmother!! Love Auntie, one of my mom's sisters. Avery received so many wonderful girly presents!! Lots of cherry clothing(me happy) and winter clothes! Plus dress-up clothes, toys for her kitchen and even a handmade cherry apron with a matching one for me!!

Avery loved us singing to her and she sang Happy Do Do for days afterwards. She couldn't wait to eat cake and that's pretty much all she wanted to eat anyway.

A is for Avery and Annalise, Addi, & Ava!!!!

The kids really did have fun..promise!!! everything went great, I just wish we could have played outside in the play pools. But then it would have been 100 degrees in the house! So I'll take it.

Avery with her baby carrier...lovin Elmo!!
It was a fun day and I still can't believe we celebrated her second birthday!!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

all girl

after her bath with her favourite things to wear~ shoes and a

Smart girl...but you forgot one thing =)