Sunday, September 7, 2008

more retail therapy

Craziness is going on with school...our enrollment is down and I am about to be involuntary displaced. =( But I have a contract and a salary, so that is the main concern! so I have been shopping, shopping...for me! and for Avery & Bryce & friends kiddos' Christmas presents. One of the treats I rewarded myself with was this lovely tote from anthropologie.

I did need a new purse for the fall you know.

I did eat(for lunch) frozen yogurt from Yoforia finally. Yum-e! I got pomegrante with granola, milk chocolate chips & strawberries. Then that evening the four of us went to the lazer show and had cheese Krystals (no meat please). So a good long day filled with fun kept my mind off work.

& why are all these TCBY stores closing? Do they not care I have to travel far to get my peanut butter & white chocolate mousse fix?

This past weekend avery & I shopped for more christmas at one of our fav places Target{probably the last year I can shop where she won't remember} & bought these.... & shopped here too.

Can't wait to see my GNOC tomorrow!!!!


Emily said...

Happy shopping, my FAVORITE kind of therapy!

Brooke said... the purse, and love, love, love, the shoes.

Bethany said...

Wow! I love your bag! And that baby store... too cute! And your shoes... Target rules. You've now made me hungry for frozen yogurt also. That all sounds delicious! I don't even think we have a TCBY out here! I am a Ben & Jerry's nut anyways. Well, I hope your job situation gets straightened out soon. That's no fun. And you've sort of scared me with your Christmas shopping. Do I have to think about that now?? I always say, "I'll make it all".... yeah, right. That never happens. At least I make my cards. Come with me the next time I go to San Fran and we'll shop together!!! ;)

nathalie bearden said...

ohh my!! send me that tote! you are so lucky to have an anthropologie so close. and an american girl store. and ohh so many other stores! hey i'm glad to hear about the job situation! many hugs! ohh my and i love the shoes!

Chelsea said...

I LOVE your new bag! I am dying to go out shopping! I need something new for fall too!! :)