Saturday, September 6, 2008

Avie's party

Well, even though I have not been blogging a go go lately....I have finally had time to post Avery's party. I was very pleased with the cherry cake from a local bakery...the cupackes I made are supposed to look like cherries...oh well they tasted good. oh the bakery supplied us with their homemade ho hos, petit fours, and a cupcake for the actual birthday celebration on the 26th! Bryce is still referring to that as the birthday party where no one was invited, just us! =)

Happy Second Birthday!!!!


Avery & her godmother!! Love Auntie, one of my mom's sisters. Avery received so many wonderful girly presents!! Lots of cherry clothing(me happy) and winter clothes! Plus dress-up clothes, toys for her kitchen and even a handmade cherry apron with a matching one for me!!

Avery loved us singing to her and she sang Happy Do Do for days afterwards. She couldn't wait to eat cake and that's pretty much all she wanted to eat anyway.

A is for Avery and Annalise, Addi, & Ava!!!!

The kids really did have fun..promise!!! everything went great, I just wish we could have played outside in the play pools. But then it would have been 100 degrees in the house! So I'll take it.

Avery with her baby carrier...lovin Elmo!!
It was a fun day and I still can't believe we celebrated her second birthday!!!!


Emily said...


I absolutely adore cherries, and those cupcakes are darling! This is why I need to have a little girl, so I can do things like this. You are amazing!

Brooke said...

If I had a little girl I would be all over this. My son just turned two and we had a circus party.

Anonymous said...

Oh ! What a beautiful Party for a lovely little girl ! Everything is so sweet ! Happy Birthday Sweet Avery !!!!

Chelsea said...

Happy birthday! CUTE cherry decorations and invites! You're so creative.

Bethany said...

Happy Belated Birthday to Avery! She is a sweetheart!!! I love all of your cherry decorations!! And the photo of all the little ones reminded me of when my kids and all their cousins were that age! So busy but sooo cute!