Thursday, September 24, 2009


you know when you forget how to get to a place that you want to find. You want to go back because there was something that sparked your interest & fancy...but now you cannot recall how to get there. What was the name? What lend you to it in the first place?

That happens to me often, well not often..but too many times more than I like. Often on the internet or at work.

this place is not one of those {because my huzbin knows where it is and eats there more than I get too}, but it's simple name makes me think it could get lost....Garden Produce & Country Store
yummy fried okra and mac & cheese...squash cassarole I've only heard about.
We sat on the porch area and enjoyed the milder summer weather. Before the massive rain deluge. We did not have any flooding by my home thank goodness, but we did have two days off of school. The power of water. Funny it's our science unit next week.Photobucket

speaking of Lost I miss it...but loving the new fall season. Now if Thursday could share some of the wealth with the rest of the week.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

butterflies & flowers

Still cannot comprehend my baby girl is now three!

Love when family & friends get's just never enough. My Auntie & Uncle Bill from AZ came~ and my Uncle Jim & Aunt from MI surprised my mom with a visit!

We had a good time last month celebrating Avery with a butterfly flower garden-ish party.
{love you Duncan Hines!}

Gaddie and Tood made the fabulous personalized birthday tags and round flags...even a butterfly magic wand

The favors were candy flower pots {the boys received sizzler magnets..saved an extra for my class} and make your own goodie bag from the candy jars..

All the kiddos wanted to help unwrap~ it was a blur of princess dress-up gowns, clothing, and tissue paper...
The weather cooperated, unlike last year, so we were able to go outside and splash around. It was a little to hot, but I'll take it.
fun, fun day!

Friday, September 11, 2009

good things...


two front teeth...lost

{hopefully his new teeth do not fully come in until after Christmas =) }

a brother got engaged last weekend! It was cute, on the beach.. with the ring in a shell.

wonderful weather...perfect temps for me to be outside

Ben & Jerry's half baked FroYo... shared & eaten in one sitting