Saturday, September 19, 2009

butterflies & flowers

Still cannot comprehend my baby girl is now three!

Love when family & friends get's just never enough. My Auntie & Uncle Bill from AZ came~ and my Uncle Jim & Aunt from MI surprised my mom with a visit!

We had a good time last month celebrating Avery with a butterfly flower garden-ish party.
{love you Duncan Hines!}

Gaddie and Tood made the fabulous personalized birthday tags and round flags...even a butterfly magic wand

The favors were candy flower pots {the boys received sizzler magnets..saved an extra for my class} and make your own goodie bag from the candy jars..

All the kiddos wanted to help unwrap~ it was a blur of princess dress-up gowns, clothing, and tissue paper...
The weather cooperated, unlike last year, so we were able to go outside and splash around. It was a little to hot, but I'll take it.
fun, fun day!


Jessica said...

What a fun birthday celebration!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday to her. It blows you away when they grow up, doesn't it. And, that's an adorable cake!! Looks yummy, too! :D

Chelsea said...

You have such a beautiful family! All the decorations are so fun. I bet she was the happiest little girl ever! :) Ah...such fun things to look forward to!

Chelsea said...

Oh...can you email me your mailing address please!?