Sunday, December 14, 2008


My friend Tiff & I took my two crazies to the Nutcracker last weekend, a local one that I had never seen and it was really good! They even had the lady in her big dress like Atlanta Ballet's. Avery enjoyed it & at times was trying to cute. I'll keep that vision in my head rather than her yelling at Bryce to not share with Tiffany's i-phone.

after 130 photos of ones like these..

I got
one that will work. Maybe next year bribing will work with Avery.'s gonna be in the 60's this week. Snow next perhaps? We are going to make snow ice cream manana. remember rolling the cans? Well....we are going to try in baggies. Hopefully it will turn out okay.


Stephanie said...

My son completely is in LOVE with the Nutcracker. I know!! Cute photo. I get those often with my little ones.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pic! Kisses ;)

Anonymous said...

What adorable kiddos! I want a lens for Christmas too. ;)