Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A whole hand...

Still cannot believe Bryce is five years old!!!! What happened to this baby of mine?

Oh, he is growing up at lighting McQueen speed. I know I will look back when he is 10 and be like my little boy is all grown up! We celebrated on his birthday with family & friends. He wanted a power ranger party {for those of you w/out boys- yes they are still around} Almost everyone made it and it was a blast! Thanks for all the presents and laughs! =)

Ben~ the cutest power ranger ev-ah!..

Check out my daughter~ We had tied balloons to weighted giftbags around the house ...and at the end of the party she grabbed ahold of two bags. She dragged the weighted bag behind her with the balloons surrounding her all around the house with her. They kinda got wrapped around her some, but she kept right on playing and walking around like balloons were the new accessory! We were cracking up!

love you Bryce!


Jessica said...

Hi! You just entered my cupcake giveaway (it is already closed- I just forgot to update the title)

So sorry you didn't win but I had to come check out your blog since you mentioned Charlotte was your daughters middle name.

My husband is a big time WSP fan (we have been to the ATL a few times at New years) and I used to be obsessed with 311...

I LOVE Harry Potter..

I love peanut butter and chocolate..

Our girls don't appear to be far apart in age either.

Tell me the beach in the picture is St. George Island and you are my new BFF. :)

Sarah said...

What a cutie. It does go by very fast, doesn't it?