Saturday, February 2, 2008

Come on down...

Holladay family!! You are the winner of the giveaway =) I will contact you so you can pick out yor pendant of choice..hooray!

My first giveaway was fun and there was so much out there! Thanks to all of you that participated. I am happy to have some new blogs to visit!

Travel here to see if you won any of the other giveaways. Come back and visit!

Hopefully there will be a spring giveaway...stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the contest!

Jessica said...

Hey again!

Well, we haven't been to Orange Beach (how long is the drive from Atlanta? Our family members who drive in from there declared it "too far"!)
but we go to St. George every summer with my husband's family.

The # of seagulls on the bridge vary with the seasons, we go later in the year and there is a lot less wildlife!

My husband went to WSP at the Fed Ex Forum a few months back, but our traveling days are long done. Esp. since I only went along begrudginly- I told him it was time for trips we could both enjoy!

Jessica said...

also, our girls have the same pink fleece hat from Old Navy ;)

It is actually 67 degrees today,so there is no need for it today... but maybe it will get cold again.