Monday, February 18, 2008


what a fabulous long weekend. I am sad to see it end. Valentine's Day was wonderful as Bryce gave me these flowers:

in this "vase"....loved it!

I have probably gained back the pounds I have lost...oh well the chocolate fountain was so worth it. Got to see my Goddaughter and shopped with Missy on Friday(no school!!!). We always have fun. More shopping....the Matilda Jane trunk shows were fun and there was so much cuteness to narrow down. {Addi was an adorable model} Nothing like shopping inside the comfort of your friend's house where there are yummy goodies to stuff in your mouth everytime you pass by. Peanut butter dip!!!!

Then Paul and I had a grand time at the Ellis hotel...midtown and drinking 4 different things. =) Not to mention the flowers and strawberries and necklace that suprised me in the room. My honey is just too much xoxo It was fun to be "away"..alone =) Liked this shot...

AND on Sunday finally saw There Will Be Blood. Love Paul Thomas Anderson's movies!

Now I have a sinkful, {three} hampersful, dryerful, and an un-refrigetatorful awaiting me. I will just go and finish off the Dylan's Candy Bar first....and have avery give me her scrunched up smile =)


nathalie bearden said...

hi kellie....thanks for the comment for for stopping by my shop! your children are beaaaautiful....and so are your photos! i will be visiting again!

Melissa said...

Hi Kellie...thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I'm so glad to have a new blog to read...and how cute are your kids?! I see we both share a love for Matilda Jane clothes...aren't they the best? Thanks again!