Tuesday, March 4, 2008

jobs & ladybugs

ahhh...did not sign my contract for next year and went to a job fair at the county I want to teach. No leads as they are still waiting on inter-county transfers.=( It'll be so sad to leave my school though...but I need a job!!!!

But...I have a not so good picture to post of some of the favors from Miss Addi's ladybug birthday party. What a goody bag it was- a backpack personalized with their names! As Bryce put it {she is the best little girl in the world} The kids had tons of fun playing & I ate much yummy food AND the moistest cake ever....that thing had three big layers with a ladybug perched on top. Even Addi's dress had smocked ladybugs!

Bryce's first practice is Thursday...Paul is his team's assistant coach! and daylight savings is Sunday. hooray!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Aw Kellie, I never saw this post! I love it and I agree with Bryce...Addi Grace is the sweetest little girl in the world! Thanks for the cute pic, I need a copy of it!