Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter egg hunting we will go

Well as early as Easter was, it was a mild and beautifully sunny day! Avery enjoyed the egg hunt as Bryce took off everywhere. So nice of the Easter bunny to get Bryce a basket last minute (9:30 Saturday nite @ Target) for a whopping $1.79.... since his was forgotten at school. But I suppose Bryce would be over that basket anyways being it has his name on a blue and green basket with a ribbon border. He'll want some superhero basket, but some of them just look like Halloween pails...I do not know why I am so not for that- but I just want some kind of basket. Will have to keep my eyes open for something next year. My mom always gets the kids new baskets each year fillled! with goodies. She hides them and we have to search all around for it. But not this year for me ~ I am now too old for an Easter basket from my parents...this with much begging from my brother & I a few years ago to keep it this long. I am going to give my kids baskets forever. ha! Ryan you only have three years left!!!! =)

Looking forward to spring break soon....and warmer mornings. Is it really almost April?!


Jessica said...

I LOVE that jacket!! It is so dang cute.

Also, I should be done with the smocking pretty soon. I am just moving slowly because I am working on so many other things. If you have any crafty skills at all (like if you have ever cross-stitched) you could probably do it.