Saturday, March 8, 2008


I came across Tatiri at Target last month. I snatched up this barrette & bracelet set. The $ is reasonable too! They have all kind of accessories. (The bracelet is a little big for Avery.) She sometimes will pull out her barrettes and then refuses them back on..then other times doen't notice.
I have been making a few barrettes ever since I did not want to spend $8 on one red bow for Avery's Christmas Eve outfit. Still learning...I'll have to post some. There are so many felt hairclips out there that are so darn cute~ they're hard to past up. .....maybe this summer I'll have more time to learn new techniques.

Happy Daylight Savings tonite!!!!!! yea more suntime!!


kennedy & friends said...

these are so cute!!! well....your little girl is cuter though!! i will have to check them out at target. i have to be clever to clip something on kennedy's hair. she is always amazed when she finds one stuck on her is really funny.

Jessica B. said...

I love her poncho! She is so cute.
I love those clips, but Charlotte's hair is too fine- that kind won't stay in :(
I would have loved an excuse to go to Target and look for them.