Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New season

Bryce started soccer this past fall for the first time! This weekend is registration~ we can't wait for the spring season starting next month! We will be on a different league. My parents gave Bryce a soccer goal for his birthday, but we have yet to try it out.

Here's to me making practice on time..(sure)


Jessica said...

Went to old navy today!

I was a little overwhelmed by all those cute hoodies...

I managed to control myself, but I am getting really excited about all her summer clothes! I love that I can buy as many dresses as I want because she can wear them every day of the week- not just Sundays! I feel like it is cruel to make her wear tights more than once a week in the winter. :)

Baby Gap has some ridiculously cute stuff out- a little yellow linen jacket dress thing that I would kill for.

nathalie bearden said...

you brazilians are CRAZY about futebol....(not soccer of course)...LOL!!!! seriously though!