Thursday, July 3, 2008

Squeaky clean

My friends Denni, Sara, Ellie, & Kate & I gave a shower for Sarah who is getting married in September. We are so happy for her!!! As always, there was so much food..but that is a good thing =) Tons of laughs & so good to see everyone during the summer. I love Ellie's house....she has such good taste in decorating.

The aftermath of unwrapping the Reese's cup brownies. Isn't there a baking kind...not at wal-mart or Kroger though.

Ellie's idea to have petit fours instead of cake...yum!

Denni's sangria..everyone had to have some eventually =)

Sara made the ribbon bouquet and we are threatening Sarah to use it at dress rehearsal...
oh how I am gonna miss these gals next year.

Now I get to start planning another party for someone turning two! Cannot believe it. Bryce is done with his swimming lessons..but still needs more. May try the Y next.
During the week we met Missy, Austin & Annalise at the this park. Such unusual summertime weather...felt like spring. I swear I just broke a sweat at the very end...or when Avery bolted down the biggest slide that she tricked me into thinking she wasn't going on the 52 other times. We had lunch & ran around the playground and then walked around the lake some. Her babes are so cute and so well behaved!! The boys' idea for this photo...
Plus we got a chance to meet up to jump on the jump-jumps with Addi & Walter...and baby Ava is just about too. We ate pizza afterwards with them, speaking of more behaved kiddies. We left a mess, but nobody wanted to kick us out~well maybe I wanted to kick Bryce out for a minute =) Love having weekdays like these. No alarm to wake up to, nothing to rush off for. Eating outside. Taking our time and not being on a time frame. Being able to run errands. Spending time with friends & family. Going out for ice cream just because & leaving dishes in the sink for the next day..wait that is all the time.


Anonymous said...

Lovely petits fours... Yummy !
And the strawberry sangria... Yummy too ! :)))
Sara is a lovely girl, all my wishes for her marriage :)

Bethany said...

I'm loving summertime too! Your friend Sarah is so beautiful... reading about her shower reminded me of my own (16 years ago!!!). I used my ribbon bouquet in the dress rehearsal. Your food did look so good! I love hearing "Kroger" too as I grew up with them but they're not on the east coast... missing home now!