Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Aqua Poppy Designs

Notice anything different, huh? =) Chelsea at Aqua Poppy Designs has given my blog a much needed makeover. I absolutely love it! She asked a few questions and I gave her a basic idea of what I would like and she ran with it...she basically just read my mind. Go check out her site and see other blogs she has done and get one yourself! She is running a giveaway for 5 free blog makeovers, so leave a comment to enter. Thanks a bunch Chels!!!


Anonymous said...

Yes I notice ! It's very lovely ! I love it ! :)

Chelsea said...

You're the best! Thank YOU!!!

Bethany said...

I was just going to comment that your blog looks fantastic! I wish I knew how to change the background. html is totally beyond me! I'll check out her site....thanks!