Thursday, July 24, 2008

I scream..

One of my all time favourite things to eat, without a doubt, is ice cream ...for any meal...any season...most any flavor! So much in fact that I will even make a post about it!!
I rediscovered these ice cream sandwich makers from Tovolo that my mother-in-law gave us. The piggie truly fits, right? =)

Here is how I made them...directions lost

~Bake one ginormous cookie. You can make any type of cookie. I used a bagged mix =)

{Imagine this photo pre-cookie cuttered}

~Use the cookie cutter part to cut out desired number of cookie heads {Cow shown}
~Take out ice cream from freezer & do not defrost like I {or you'll get ooey gooeyness squeeze out of the sandwich maker, but still tastes yummy}

~Place the base at the bottom of the cookie cutter
~Put one cookie at the bottom
~Fill with ice cream & toppings
~Place cookie on top {see green piggie}
~Press the stamp down on top and then take off the base {see blue cow}
~Keep pushing on the stamp part until the sandwich come out the bottom
*FYI* this step does not work with children ages 5 & under..unless Rosie is your maid

~Take your ice cream treat & wrap in saran wrap and place in the freezer for a few hours. {This little piggie went..into witness protection}
~Unwrap & smile

*FYI* This step is quite easy for any five year old

~Chocolate peanut butter & banana-going -back-to-work-ice cream sandwiches~
m Layer Mayfield's banana pudding ice cream, chocolate ice cream & peanut butter between two chocolate chip cookies
Roll in Reese's pieces or mini chocolate chips
m Eat in four bites!

{not for you?...just use your *flavorite* of ice cream}

We dare not trust our wit for making our house pleasant to our friend,
and so we buy ice-creams.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Doe said...

You are making me hungry this very second. You made me want to lick my screen to see if I can taste those yummy treats! Hehehe!

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a wonderful weekend.

Jessica said...

YUM! I love ice cream sandwiches soooo much! I'll have to make some this weekend!

Emily said...

Mmmmmmm, I have a friend who just made some of these. I want a set, they are so cute!

Anonymous said...


Chelsea said...

Ok, I'm bookmarking this post! YuM, and oh so fun do make with the kids!

priscilla joy said...

thanks kellie for the visit to my blog. i love peanut butter too, they make recipes taste all the better. you have 2 very cute kiddos and your blog pic with them is so cute. hope to see you back again!

Angie Penrose said...

yummers! those look so good!