Saturday, July 19, 2008

Retail therapy

{s a l e}
oh I love to shop. Not so much with the kids, but they keep my decision-making time down. The summer sale extravaganzas are in full swing...I love this time up to Labor day where you can get fantastic deals on summer wares. I try to stock up for next summer & now back to school for Bryce. I am starting to buy Christmas presents too. We will have warm weather all the way up to Halloween(that's my ending point when I usually stop wearing sandals) so we can get use of the summer clothes for awhile too.

If you are in the shopping mood I highly recommend...
Nordstrom's anniversary sale. I bought this dress for the two weddings coming up in the fall...

Not on sale, but I love this tote too!
Dillards had a lot on sale. Bryce racked up some $3.50 reducedshirts & I bought myself a necklace. yippee!
I was shopping for birthday gifts {Ellie, Ethan & Walter yippee} and purchased this monster umbrella & a matching rain jacket at Nordstrom{for Ethan} . They even had rainboots! I so wanted the cherry rainboots for Avery, but she already has her cute froggie ones from Grandma Alice. Bryce had this same umbrella...I just love it!

For some online shopping...visit Olive Juice ~you can save an extra 20% off sale prices until July 21st by adding carriedaway at checkout {plus free shipping if you spend $200, not I} I just ordered this sweet polka-dotted frock for Avery for less than $15 with discount--> this shift dress for only 8 bucks & change!!!!!

I wanted these two dresses, but alas not the sizes I wanted..

how cute is she?->

Tea collection~ {up to 75% & free shipping over $100} Avery has this, but I want this dress & this whole outfit now. Maybe after I get Bryce some new shoes...flip-flops will not be cutting it at school. I don't know what kind to get him though.

Crazy 8 is another place with some cool tees {$7 each when you buy two or more} for Bryce that I'm gonna order because there are no stores here =( {Crazy 8 is the little sister of Gymboree...think Old Navy of Gap} I love graphic tees like these & Bryce who usually doesn't have any preferences says "I wanna wear a rock n roll shirt". So he wants this one.. & I picked this one,,,Can you see the ipods mixed in between the cassette tapes in the tee? ! I love my ipod, but I do miss my bootleg tapes.I haven't listened to them in forever~we don't have a working tape player I really do wish my car had a one...Paul just laughs. The one in our family room doesn't work either, so I can't listen to my God Lives Underwater tape {why do I have it on tape} Well...i made this vow of sorts that I would not purchased a CD until I was married. Who knew why..did any friends & I think it up and make a silly pact? No, I declared this by my lonesome. I think it is hilarious why at age 15 or so I thought it wise to swear off compact disc buying. Good thing I got married at 24. BUT I did pay for half of Live Throwing Copper with Tiffany...which we played in her urabus. oh she let me play the first 15 seconds of Spin the Black Circle over and over and over again. Other than that people gave them to me as gifts & my my mom bought my BMG music club ones {remember that?}
& now I just buy from itunes or burn shows on CDs. Usually my husband buys the CDs. We have basically the same taste in music...well mostly. =) I think I may go buy Empty on Amazon now..


Stephanie said...

thanks for the great finds. :D I never find good deals..or shopping sites. Now, I will have to go and take a peek. :D

Anonymous said...

You found such a beautiful dress !
Have a nice sunday :)))
Happy thoughts for your mom :) :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Brooke said...

OMG....your blog is awesome. Can we become fast friends and you plan my son's second birthday party in three weeks. I am beginning to get overwhelmed -- probably because I am not nearly as creative as you are. I just posted the link to bentos....

nathalie bearden said...

i have been prohibited to go store or online. something about a new house. i don't know what the big deal is. anyway, great findings!!! and marina will be on her way in the morning!!!!!!!!!! thanks a million!

Dyan said...

Lots of shopping cuteness! I love the little girls dresses and keeping ols tapes too - although I have nothing to play them on.