Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My sunshine

my little sunny pigtails Can't believe she can say ice cream {who taught her that ;) } & I got it!, tell me to go away, run in high heels, eat a banana is less than a minute, sleep through our loudness, be so content then so stubborn...oh how I love my babe!
& less than 2 weeks until Bryce is a kindergartener!!!!!

Here is Avery playing outside in bubble mess & the splash bomb... I so love playing with sunbursts. I am just dying to take a photography class...it's super interesting & i have so much to learn!
playin in the bubbles

Sunny pigtails

Sunny pigtails Sunny pigtails

I have moved into my classroom & set up. 2nd grade is shaping up to being quite a grade. I am excited/nervous. No windows!!!!!!!! I am not digging living a box, albeit it is a big box {with my own sink & carpet!!!} Thanks to my honey for helping me move in xoxoxoxo


Brooke said...

Are you a teacher? My mom also teaches second grade expect she is going to retire after this upcoming school year. Your photos are already great -- I can't imagine them getting much better. Good luck.

Kellie H said...

yep! I am changing to teach 2nd this year..I have taught 1st for 9 years!

Jessica said...

I can't believe it is time for back to school. Seriously make it stop.

Avery is so cute! I wish you weren't like 9 billion miles away so we could make them play in the same vicinity (seeing as that is all C does- she plays "near" her friends).

We will be in your hood in November but unfortunately it will for Thanksgiving AND we have to go to a wedding that weekend!

Oh well, maybe someday.

ittybittybirdy said...

oh dear how cute is she! I just want to pinch her little checks. And its hard to choose which ones. What a fun way to spend a summer day! Hope you and your family are having a lovely summer!

Brooke said...

Hi, Kellie: The color red is still a bright spot on my couch. I have been so slammed that I haven't made it to Wal-Mart. Work is just kicking my butt. I'll let you know how successful what you recommended is...I am crossing my fingers.

Good luck with second grade. My mom enjoys it.

Anonymous said...

Avery is so so cute in her very lovely swimming suit :)
Good luck with 2nd grade :)

Chelsea said...

You know I still remember my 1st and 2nd grade teachers...they were my favorite! I bet you're such an awesome one!
I'm so afraid to take a picture into the direct sunlight...but that looks way cool-I might have to try it too!

Crunchy Green Mom - Suzanne said...

#1) You are a teacher, which is a thankless job only done by people with hearts of gold.

#2) You are an amazing photographer, I love the pictures of your kids.

#3) You have a great blog! It's wonderful..

I'm going to add you to my daily list... we might have little girls around the same age!! :)

Jessica said...

The wedding is at Neverland Farms? (Not to be confused with the Neverland Ranch ;))

I believe it is near some Bavarian village or something?

I do know that it is like an hour and a half away from our relatives. I am not sure where they live though ( well, I guess mean I don't know what the area is called)

There is a link on my blog to "Brian and Lyndsey"- Matt's cousin and his wife who we will be staying with while we are there.

Bethany said...

Beautiful photos!! Enjoy these years... it seems like they fly by! I am actually jealous that everyone is preparing their rooms for the school year and here I am, not doing anything!! I do miss teaching. I've been helping a friend brainstorm for art lessons this year. We've bought some school supplies for my daughter who is entering 6th grade!!!!! I cannot believe it! My daughter was just your daughter's age with the same little pigtails and a little cherry outfit too!! I adore being a mom... I should have had eight kids!!!

Stephanie said...

Mercy sakes your little girl is SO adorable!! :D I could probably sit outside and play with her and all her cuteness all day! :D Wow..is summer already coming to a close?! Boo-hoo!! Good luck this year. 2nd grade is a fun, busy, grade. ;D

Melanie @ Whimsical Creations said...

My son starts 2nd grade this year. Can't believe how time flies. My baby (or should I say toddler?) is 19m and the other day she told my husband to 'let go'. It's amazing how much they learn is such a small time.

Your daughter is adorable!!
=) melanie

Emily said...

Love these photos, the sun through the hair is something that I always LOVE!

~cyndi said...

She is beautiful! Loving your sunflare!! :)

Andrea said...

Awesome pictures!

priscilla joy said...

what a cute girlie...pigtails are so cute on little girls.