Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cherries on top

With Bryce it was giraffes, with Avery it is cherries.
Cherry cherries. If I see if I buy it...well within reason. Sometimes the cherry print is too cheesy if ya know what I mean. On birthday planning....I plan on having avery's second birthday party with a cherry theme. I will make her invites {and thank you cards,, maybe}. I always have a hard time getting the TY out for some reason..but these thank you cards are v. sweet. I am thinking two red buttons for the cherries with green ribbon/felt? on scalloped paper. I go for simple. These invites are cute.. .maybe for a dress-up party one day. I have made most of the invitations for their parties. I started with Bryce's first birthday...Bryce's Invites and then continued on... I did not create Avery's first birthday invites last year, how could I pass these up....Invites & they were only $5 a pack!!! The party store is no longer in business now =( Maybe b/c their prices were so freakin low!! I did have to order the chocolate bar wrappers after I saw them at Ella's party! (We just wrapped them around the Hershey's bar and glued them or did we tape them???)
I have just finished the favors for the sweet lil gals. I bought white tops with little cap sleeves and cherry iron-ons. So easy. They are each going to receive a ribbon tied shirt... with cherries on top =) Though it's still not the bestest favors evah, which were from Addi's party.


I cannot find any cherry print paper products anywhere, so I will just have red plates, cups & such. This is another time I wish I had a bigger house. It will be way hot in August, but we will have the pool slide thingee again. The kids loved it and it gave them something to do after eating, opening presents & cake. Hey this year Avery will be sliding in with all the guys! How darling is this below?! (it's from Pottery Barn) I attempted to make a banner for Bryce's first birthday party...I liked it alright..but I never did one again. Now that I can throw girly parties I may just try again~ and make a red & white one for this party. I don't sew {yet?}, so it'll be paper crafting I will go...hi ho the derry-o.

I do not know if I will make the cake again since that was pretty much all I did the Friday evening & night before. I may just add two round red frosted cakes to an already frosted sheet cake and use green fruit by the foot for the stem ??? I do know Avery will not have her own smash cake..she can just have a piece like the rest of us. Oh you have to try Mayfield's Banana Pudding ice cream (half the fat kind)...mmm with peanut butter and chocolate sauce ...& whipped cream. Thank you dad!!
oh when Avery turned one and entered toddlerdom...


Jessica said...

We are doing an all yellow birthday party in August! Charlotte LOVES Yellow...

I do have some cute little birdies to go with it all and we will throw in some yellow flowers as well. I have a bunch of stuff but I keep forgetting how soon it will be here!!

I am sure jealous of those party favors. Mine will not be quite so cute, I haven't really come up with anything really good and yellow-y. Perhaps a baby chick? I bet no one would come if I let the word get out on that one :) Let me know if you can think of anything good-- we have boys and girls at various ages.

Anonymous said...

You are SOOO talented! What great birthday parties those kids will remember!
My little Jack is turning 2 soon-I'm in shock. How is it that time goes by so fast?
Thank you for commenting over on my blog-I love making new blog friends! :-)

Unknown said...

My little girl will be one, and my husband is turning the 'big 3-0' soon, so I wanted to have an extra special birthday party for both occasions. I spent a long time searching the internet until if found these great sites for and These sites have cute and unique birthday party invitations, and you can use my own birthday wordings with lots of sample birthday party sayings for me to use. I ordered from and the birthday invitations cards were beautiful. Everyone loved them!

Anonymous said...

I am sure that Avery will have a very lovely Birthday Party !!!
I've just made a Birthday Card for a 6 years old girl ! :)))

Haasiegirl said...

m daughters name is Charlotte too!


Chelsea said...

Look how creative you are!! I feel bad I didn't have a "theme" for L's first you've inspired me to have one when he turns 2!!! Yikes! Crazy. I've gotta make one of those 'Happy Birthday' cute!

nathalie bearden said...

holy are in party planning mode! so i guess the color will be red! for cherries? humm! and the doll. i shall make her one. i will get back with you on that. HUGS and keep up the planning. when you get done with their parties...come by and plan for kennedy. i don't know if i gave you this site, but this local gal rocks! i'm going by her house to pick up one of the garlands i ordered for a friend's new baby. her work is AMAZING! i hate boring kids parties. kennedy's 2st birthday had 200 + guests. yeahhhhh my dad paid for it. dj, clown, inflatables, you name it. this year we will go smaller, but i'm planning something cool. go on my flickr to see the photos. they suck because i suck as a photographer.