Monday, April 14, 2008

It's just another manic Monday...

...I wish it were Sunday....ok, really where has Spring gone??? It was cold today~ jackets and all. It goes well with my caramel vanilla latte ala Coffeemate tho! Sad to have to wake up & go back to work today. Oh well 30 days left of school, but who's counting? =)

{Warmer thoughts} I have to post again about Matilda Jane Clothing. Avery is showing off the Casey halter top from the spring line. Avery gets such compliments on her MJC, righfully so they are so darn cute!! Denise {idea girl extraordinaire} has brought back her boys' line The Mighty Acorns with some new pieces. Oh boy check them out...I hope she goes with this for her fall line too. Ahh have to cross my fingers again =)

Here are some more photos from Vines park the other week I played around with...see honey

Spring tulip



Chelsea said...

Before I even read your post, I was wondering about that cute top your little one was wearing! What a cute line of clothes! I'll have to check them out, and hopefully someday I'll have a girl to dress up!
I love your pictures! What camera do you use?

Kellie H said...

I use a Nikon first digital SLR. It is sooo easy to use!
Thx for the comment =)

nathalie bearden said...

i was recently introduced to matilda jane and i can't get enough of it. i hope to host a trunk show in a few weeks. i love this dress. and your kids are so pretty! and the tulip shot....marvelous!

Jessica said...

mmm... I have a pattern coming that looks just like that and I can't wait to try it!! I doubt my fabric will be as cute as those, but I still really excited!