Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Came and went

Oh, Christmas is over can't believe it! Having my & Paul's family over for Christmas as always was fun and went by too fast. Everyone has spoiled us..even Dinah our doggie. Much yummy food to eat. The kids had fun opeing presents and mot knowing what to do with themselves. One thing(just one?)I did not get to was--> not getting to bake this new cookie recipe...all I need to say is the main ingredients included brownies, peanut butter, rice krispies & marshmallows...and now I will have to put it off until April! I am determined to go on a diet until my birthday(with a quick hiatus on Heart day). Yeah we'll see!

Here we are at my father-in-laws on Christmas Eve...what is that in her mouth you ask?
A football.

Now at an attempt to get both my darlings in a photo. Oh, look how much they love their mommy! ha...and this was the best photo! Not even one of the four of us either.

Merry Christmas!!! Avery was not in the best of moods. Too much attention? Too many presents? too many photos? Not enough of Grandma's bread? No new shoes?
Yes, I am sad Santa did not bring me Health Ledger too.

Though finally today I feel like my vacation has started. whew! It was even a nice day outside. Bryce asked if it was winter the other day and when I said yes, he said it's gonna snow now! I wish we'd get a snow day...Bryce hasn't been in any actual snow since 2004! & I am not counting the snow at Stone Mountain Christmas last year! Maybe, just maybe!


matilda jane said...

OMG, Joe would've freaked for football gear like that. What was I thinking? maybe I was not. I love your little penguin waddler!!