Friday, December 14, 2007

Oh Christmas Tree...

where are you? We went to 3 tree farms the first weekend in December and we could not find one tree that was our type !! We really wanted a as the sun went to sleep, we headed to Home Depot for our tree. Bryce was excited to decorate. I love the ornaments that I used to have on my tree growing up. My mom now has a tree that rivals any Festival of Trees tree, so a few years ago I had taken all my favs. Here is one that my parents had when they were newlyweds. Somehow Avery has let the tree be, so everything is still how long will the needles last?
There is so much to do around town! This year was Avery's first for riding the pink pig..still Rich's Pink Pig(sorry Macy's). Last weekend we had fun at Stone Mountain's Holiday lights extravaganza. yum kettle corn! It was another mild night...I love it!

Somehow this picture ended up down here at the bottom, oh well. Avery is looking for daddy not trees =)
What fun for this weekend????? can't wait...