Tuesday, November 27, 2007

gifts to wrap now...

Thanksgiving was yummy, though Avery did not share my opinion on the food. She is into everything and was held captive while we cleaned up. My brother, husband, and I went to see our traditional after dinner movie. No Harry Potter this time =( ...we saw No Country for Old Men. It was good! (hey you get to see Bran all grown up!) But I am not getting why it ended as so. Still, a good movie.

I love shopping! love it so much! I love buying things for my family and friends' precious babes. My mom and I went out on Friday- black Friday (sounds evil- I hate calling it that) and got some good deals. I started shopping back in July for a few things. I still have more to buy...from Santa. I bought some good stocking stuffers. These wine openers are awesome, and they are now less $ than when I bought one for my house! Plus I realized they would make a good hostess gift too, so I should have bought more. Now I have presents to wrap and put under the tree....well no tree yet, but here's to hoping this weekend!!!