Saturday, November 10, 2007

shake it but don't break it....

took me how long to make it. it is. I have read so much that is of great interest, so for me to step up to the plate isn't quite that to type.

I have two lovely children that will grace this blog. But what content??? We shall see. I guess what ever comes to me at the time. Maybe the humor will show through my mistakes in grammar- ha!

one of my favs from this summer...
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here is avery at the park. One of the last warm days I suppose.
I hate that it is getting cold...putting on socks makes me sad. BUT there are such wonderful things that come with the colder months- the holidays, hugging with layers, & hot chocolate(with tons of whipped cream).

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enjoy your day!


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ali mclaughlin said...

I love that photo of your daughter! I just post whatever comes to mind, stuff that is meaningful to me etc..