Thursday, December 20, 2007


ahhhh! I still have yet to finish my shopping! Well, this weekend hopefully....on the plus side I have been getting awesome deals on gifts with 50% off sales.

We went to see Santa and Avery was not having it. I need to post the photo- so funny. She is screaming and Bryce looks unaffected as my friend Pamela put it. Bryce asked for a Lego pitstop thingee that is like for ages 7+. Paul is oh so excited about the 500+ pieces. I am excited about the perfect fit for avery's mouth. Did we try to talk him out of it...oh no, we went and bought it from Santa.
Hope you are finishing up last minute to-dos!

must say....Welcome to the world Ava!!!

tree update: not too good, but still looks nice!

I forgot about posting this pic~ it cracks me up with the bows she put on her sippy. btw, the unwrapping is from my friends' kids and mine annual Christmas exchange. They gave us the best gifts!
why does the preview look better than the actual post?


Jen said...

Hi Kellie! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

Your kids are adorable!! They look to be similar ages to my youngest 2... and we have the same lego thing going on! Does your little guy constantly break his "creations" and get so frustrated?

Have a Merry Christmas!