Sunday, October 5, 2008

food on a boat

no, no boat trip...just Bryce's kids meal arriving on a boat

from our recent dinner at a local Thai/Japanese restaurant. yum-e.! Who doesn't love fried rice.... & ginger dressing? Not Avery that night {the rice part} More for me =)

Happy half birthday {almost} to my baby brother Ryan. I haven't seen you in forever!

He has been working mucho...good boy, but I wish he would take some time off & come and see us!!! If you bring pizza, I'll get the ice cream cake again.
Happy Birthday to Denni in 6 days & Austin in 8!!!!!!! post {hopefully soon} on Sarah & Michael's wedding. We had a real good time and I think my feet are finally back to normal.


Anonymous said...

Ooh Lucky children ! :)

Bethany said...

Wow that food looks good! Now I'm having a sushi craving!! Thanks for reminding me, too, that my two nieces have birthdays this week...I need to send cards!! You know walking is just fine. I'm more of walker than a runner. In fact, if I think about what I'm trying to do, my lazy side wants to give up, but I'm trying to at least do the twelve weeks! And I appreciated your comment regarding voting. I understand where you're coming from, especially during these times and the craziness... something needs to change! But I think it's important to remember the unity of belief that we confess to and to consider how our values fit into it as well. Here is a short article on what voting pro-choice means and why we are not doing so: The question is, how do you want your daughter to understand her body and the responsibility she has to carrying on the value of life in our culture? And your son. That's a question I constantly ask myself.

nathalie bearden said...

wow!!! that a way to dine! i love the boat. ohh my i'm craving sushi...just like bethany!!!!!

Jessica said...

I love celebrating birthdays and half-birthdays!