Sunday, October 26, 2008


We had so much fun last weekend with Sean & Summer at the Widepread Panic show.hooray they played it & blight! Wish this too. It was quite chilly Saturday and I was sad to put on socks~ but it was worth it. Summer had chicken to keep warm. We always run into our other friends from college, it's good to catch up. Then we stayed over my parents and my brother Ryan & Ashley came over Sunday.
oH how they GrOw..

Here are my 2 babes October 07
Saturday we went pumpkining!!! Here are all my babes this year at the pumpkin patch....

Will we get this big fat ol pumpkin...or this pumpkin?
hmm.. We'll get an orange one for sure!
Next, we went to lunch..Bryce's pick. The lovely Burger King. the Tendergrill chicken sandwich was pretty good though.
Then off to Bryce's soccer game where we cheered for the green washing machines. Go!
....and also read some books.

such a nice day to open the windows and let the breeze in. {even if the windowsills haven't been cleaned since last Fall}
Then, watched Georgia beat LSU. Couldn't keep up with the beer bottles in the grass. SEVEN!


Anonymous said...

GReat pictures- Love the last one on Georgia beating Lsu! Great game!
Go Dawgs.

Shari H said...

AW! Fun Fun Fun and So Cute! We should all get together for a cotton candy party!!!

Anonymous said...

Wouahh ! Beautiful photos and Pumpkins !!! I would love to make some jam with all of those wonderful pumpkins !!! lovely green boots :)
Thank you for your very sweet comment :-) Have a lovely day :)

kim the midwife said...

love the pumpkin shots! thanks for commenting on my blog.

Bethany said...

What a fun weekend!!! At least you had sunshine... even though it was COLD! I'm not ready for this yet!! The photos of the kids are just perfect. I'm laughing at the green washing machine name!! That'll be one to remember years from now! Congrats on the win. We just found out a bit ago that the Phillies won the World Series! Unfortunately I'm a Reds fan living in Phillies territory!!! Oh well. Everyone will be happy tomorrow! Have a great day! ;)