Saturday, October 11, 2008

"The Dubers"

Finally getting around to posting the trip up to Columbus Ohio. The looong drive was beautiful {well except for the flat rows upon rows of cornfields in OH..sorry} Leaves were starting to change and the hills and valleys in N. Tennessee & Kentucky made it enjoyable. Also, the way the road cut through the mountains & exposed the layers of rock was crazy. I love road trips with Paul & all the time we have to talk & eat junk food!
A hightlight was Elvis in TN working at a gas station sporting a tee with the statement-> Bigger is Better. Oh & the touristy fireworks store with random statues/carnival items outside such as this ferocious lion..

& later at the hotel Earl with Minnesota's beaver...what is it again???

That night the 4 of us met up with the wedding party in the Short North {had to learn the area}

In case we needed to call a cab again, I opted to take a quick photo of the phone know if case we forgot it.
We had a grand time partying {in my ten dollar dress} with Sarah & Michael the newlyweds and our friends Denni & Earl, Ellie & Trevor, Kate, & Holly. I miss them so!!! My feet hurt sooo bad after all the dancing that Denni & I had to take our heels off as we crossed the road from the Statehouse to our hotel. Such beautiful grocery store feet we had. I don't think my feet hurt that bad since Music Midtown in '99. Surely not as bad as the man that ran a half marathon barefoot in the snow. So I guess I survived alright =) ,,,don't know why I didn't take off my heels..

oh the dress I originally bought to wear will be saved for our prom. If we ever move!

I am glad we had the chance to go...and thanks to the grandmas for babysitting the kiddos. Hope M & S are getting some good photographs on their safari!

ain't love grand?


Chelsea said...

oh Love is very grand!
LOVE your feet shots...reminds me of my mom-in-law. She takes a foot shot wherever she goes!
It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. :)

Bethany said...

I know the Short North area!! My husband and I used to go there on dates when we were engaged and he was still a student at OSU! Then we just went down there for gallery walks when we were married. I miss Columbus! We are heading through there on my way to my parents' house for Thanksgiving (9 hours!!!). The rocks looked very familiar too. My dad boats down on Lake Cumberland in KY. Now I am homesick. But I'm glad you shared your fun trip!! I'm guessing you looked very cute! And i want that lion!!!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for coming by to say hello! What a beautiful blog you have...I am so coming back to share in some of your fun!

nathalie bearden said...

noooo...i see snow...i'm moving back to brazil....noooo nooo snow. you look fab! and your feet are cute. mine are ugly. ain't it funny what women pay attention to. yes i'm certain of my sexual preference. lol!!!!!!! looks like you guys had fun! and yes love is grand!

Shari H said...

Hey!!! Denni Gave me your blog site! How are things at your new school??? Glad you had such a good time at the wedding, sorry we missed it, not quite ready to leave Leah yet! I started a blog, in touch!!!!!

nathalie bearden said...

are you ready to partee??? i'm! halloween party posted!

Stephanie said...

looks like fun there! I'm glad you got a photo of the phone number..just in case. ;) hee hee.. :D Little vacations are always nice. Glad you got to go and have some fun. :D