Friday, February 6, 2009

! 3M TA3

I so blame Publix for having these yo-yo cookies that are soo yummy...I made this smaller version for Bryce's class for his birthday, then again for the Relay for Life bake sale. I had to keep myself from eating too many of them. I just used the soft Chips Ahoy sandwiched with frosting and dipped in chocolate bark. I hope to have another excuse to make them again =)

Bryce's sixth

here are some attempts at an indoor photoshoot for Bryce's sixth. He was a good sport...

Bryce is six



Bryce is six love that toothless grin!


Shari H said...

Wow Kellie!!! Once again GREAT pics and those cookies look so yummy!!! Hopefully I will see you this afternoon!!!

Pitt Pair said...

Kell-I remember when he was in your tummy and you were eating mexican and ice cream...He is so handsome!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 6th Birthday to Brice ! You took such good photos of him ! You are very talented ! and what about those cookies !!! They look gorgeous !!! You are a Cordon Bleu too !!!
I hope you are having a great weekend :) xo

Anonymous said...

hi kellie!!

thanks for taking the time to say hi over on my blog! i LOVE finding new blogs too!!

those cookies look SO yummy!

off to explore your blog + links a bit more! :)


Chelsea said...

Ahh! Great photos! :) I need to do that for L's big #2 b-day coming up! OH, if I just felt better...I'm sick!
Once again, you've got me drooling over yummy things! I think I'm going to make gooey carmel popcorn! yum...

Anonymous said...

I wanted to specify kellie, that "Cordon-bleu" is a french expression meaning You are a very good cook :)

sewtakeahike said...

Your photoshoot turned out some great photos! I cannot tell a lie though, the pics of the cookies pulled me in!