Wednesday, February 18, 2009

..St. Valentine's..

or as we used to say live, love, lunch
WellI have been trying to post this..well it's now Wed,, LOST!!! It's been crazy busy at school with parent conferences and getting ready to assess for the end of the 9 weeks..with no President's day off either. oh but fun too. ..girls nite in at Ellie's. The twins are due in a lil over a month!!! We had much fun chatting and drinking & eating...


Ellie's Denni's camera rocked. I love this photo she took! When a wine bottle is opened at Ellie's she has it signed & dated and placed in this container. How fantastic is that?!
Went to the Thrashers vs Blackhawks game last week, my cousin James did not play,, Boo coach! =( But at least we got to spend time with him & my family. The kids always love all the music/food/just plain loudness

much love this St. Valentine's Day weekend. thanks to my wonderful parents who watched my babes so Paul & I could spend time together...just us.
Love~holding hands

Love~ Lush

Love~yummy drinks at the WV Day 2
Love~food to be shared
Love~lattesV Day
Love~the biggest & best Reeses
Love~time a l o n e w/ Paul
Love~sleeping in the wait also b/c that means extra time together =)

Love~having my babes run to hug me

V Day 09 063


Shari H said...

HI HI!!! Love the pics of the GNI pics and that shot of your latte is great! Guess what, My headless Ellie pic is no longer headless, very strange!!!

Bethany said...

Kellie, I'm coming to visit!!!!! I needed to read something happy!!! ;)

sewtakeahike said...

I love your photos Kellie, they are so full of life! Looks like you had a fabulous day!

Chelsea said...

LOVE this post about things you love! Sounds like your love day was fabulous.
Thanks for your always sweet comment on my blog! The shirt was super easy to make... I just wrote out the letters on cardstock and cut them out, ironed on that fusible backing stuff (can't think of the name) to different colors of fabric and placed the cardstock letters on the fabric and cut them out. Then peeled off the fusible backing and ironed them on the white t-shirt. Sew zigzag around each letter! :) SO FUN!