Wednesday, May 20, 2009

so we know this school year has been nuts. Moved away from my friends teaching first grade last year to new system...started in second..displaced to different school, teaching Kindergarten,,, now transferring to a brand new school in the fall back to teaching first.

schooool's out for the summer!!!!!!!

My longer in kindergarten.

We did have some fun this year. I do not know what I would have done without my awesome para Gena. She kept me from totally losing my mind. I will miss her next year!

Some random photos to share,, trying to get without faces~ of my super parents demonstrating grinding wheat into flour for making bread...smelled so good all day! Having parents help out was something I did not have in my former school. what a difference!

celebrating Dr. Seuss' birthday...

almost green ..looks gross I know, but the were yelling for 2nds & 3rds!

outdoor classroom after the snow day

dancing queens

block masterpiece...

{but we haven't had lunch yet!}


LizzieJane said...

My it has been a busy school year. How wondeful to have your little ones home with you for a while. I used to love having my daughter homne in the summer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing Kellie ! I love your outdoor classroom !!! We don't have outdoor classroom in France ! A shame ! It's fantastic ! Happy summer ! xo

dennimd said...

Oh Kellie I miss you so much! I wish I was going to your new school with you! Stuck here in Pleasantdale....that could be the title of a country music song! I know you have had a great/challenging year! Whoo hoo for Mr. Bryce~First Grader (that could be a title for a children's book...)! Can't wait for summer play dates and lots and lots of pics! Love ya girl!

Merry Thursday!

Stephanie said...

that first paragraph alone makes me tired. :D Have a fun relaxing summer. :D